Summary of The Hindu 12th MARCH 2024

SC firm,  tells SBI  to share poll bond details today

·         A five judge bench of the Supreme Court ( SC ) on Monday dismissed an application by  SBI , which asked for time till June 30 to provide details on electoral bonds .

·         SC in its order said that SBI  should disclose the details to EC by March 12 . The EC must publish information received by SBI by March 15 .

·         SBI in its plea had said that it needs to “ match “ the details and that will take time . The court said that there was no need to do match details

Multiple re-entry vehicle technology successfully tested on Agni 5 vehicle

·         Under Mission Divyastra , DRDO on Monday successfully tested MIRV technology of Agni V missiles . Agni V missile was  launched from AP J.  Abdul Kalam island on Monday.

·         MIRV ( Multiple Entry Relaunch Vehicle ) , technology means a single missile can carry multiple warheads ,  It will ensure that a single missiles can carry multiple warheads .

·         Agni is a surface to air Missile , it can carry nuclear warheads .

·         With this India has become the sixth country to have MIRV technology .

·         US , UK , France , Russia and China is equipped with this technology .

MIRV technology

Union Home Ministry notifies CAA rules ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

·         The Ministry of Home Affairs notified the Citizenship Amendment Act ( CAA)  , 2024 that will enable the citizenship Amendment  Act passed by Parliament in 2019 .

·         CAA was passed in 2019 , it allows citizenship to undocumented people belonging to Hindu , Sikh , Buddhist , Paris , Christian and Jain Communities from  Pakistan , Bangladesh and Afghanistan .

·         Opposition parties including Congress has called it divisive ,  ahead of Lok Sabha polls.

Protest lined up in North East after CAA notified

·         Massive protest has erupted in Assam against the notification of CAA rules.

·         All Assam Students Union (AASU ) is among the 30 organizations that have put up a United fight against the controversial act .

·         AASU president Utpal Sharma said “ The CAA , which threaten the language , Culture , and existence of Assamese people , cannot be accepted at any cost “

·         Congress led opposition parties of 16 political parties have announced state wise. “hartal “ or non cooperation movement .

·         Assam has a large number of undocumented Hindus which initially came from Bangladesh .

China registers protest against PM’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh

·         The Chinese Foreign Ministry had strong words against PM Modi’s recent visit to Arunachal , where he inaugurated the Sela tunnel .

·         Chinese Foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbi said “ India’s relevant moves only complicate the boundary question and disrupt the boundary areas between the two countries , “ .

·         “ China strongly deplores and firmly opposes the Indian leader’s visit to the east section of India China boundary “ .

·         “ India has no right to arbitrarily develop the area Zagnan in China “ .

·         No comment has come from India’s MEA over this.

·         The Chinese call Arunachal Pradesh  as “ Zagnan ” . China calls Arunachal Pradesh as its own territory .

·         There have been several incidents where China has pointed out Indian leaders’ visits to Arunachal Pradesh  earlier as well .

ASI told to do scientific survey of Bhojshala complex

·         The Indore Bench of Madhya Pradesh High Court has directed the Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI ) on Monday to conduct a scientific study. Survey of  Bhojshala Temple – Kamal Maula Mosque complex in the Dhar district .

·         The court said that the study was necessary to “ demystify “ the nature of the complex .

·         The court ordered the ASI to “ do complete scientific investigation , survey , and excavation , through the latest methods like GPR GPS , Carbon dating etc “ .

·         The court was hearing a petition filed by Hindus that Muslims be stopped to offer prayers at the site .

·         The Bhojshala temple was possibly  built in 12 th century , under King Bhoja rule.

·         The mosque was supposedly built by Delhi Sultanate rulers in 14 th century .

Bhojshala – Temple and Mosque side by side

SC refuses to stay away Saibaba’s acquittal says there is no “ urgency “ to jail him

·         Maharashtra govt  recently filed a petition in Supreme Court against  Bombay High Court order of acquitting Professor GN Saiba .

·         The Supreme Court refused to show any urgency in reversing the order .

PM inaugurates and lays foundation of 112 National Highway project  worth one Lakh crore

·         The PM also inaugurated a 19 km long section of Dwarka Expressway .

·         Dwarka expressway is 27.6 km long and  16 lane expressway connecting Dwarka in Delhi to Kherki Plaza in Gurgaon .

Drones headed over to 1,000 women

·         PM Modi headed over drones to 1000 women , which will operate Drones . The drones will be used for agriculture and related purposes .

·         The Namo Drone Didi scheme aims to equip 15000 women-led Self Help Groups . The women under this are to be trained for using drones .

·         The Government will subsidize 80 % of the drone cost of around 10 lakh .

·         The Self Help Groups will be able to rent drones for agriculture purposes such as crop monitoring. , spraying fertilizer and sowing seeds .


Goan origin Portuguese PM Costa bows out

·         The result of Portuguese elections is out .

·         The current president Antonio costa has  been ousted according to poll results .

·         230 member assembly got splitted result among three parties . 

·         Center Right Democratic Alliance (PSD )!and Allies led by Luis Montenegro have won 79 seats .

·         Current President Pedro Santos’s party has won 77 seats , while Andre Ventura led Chega Political Party has won 48 seats .

·         Mr. Montenegro is expected to form the govt but he has refused any Coalition with Chega .





Opponeheimer wins award for best picture , and actors at the oscars

‘Oppenheimer ‘ has won the best movie award for this year’s Oscar . It’s actor Cilian Murphy and director Christofer Nolan has won the award of Best actor and best director respectively .

 The award list is as following : –

      Best Picture – Oppenheimer

     Best Actor –Cilian Murphy. (Oppenheimer )

     Best Actress –  Emma Stone

 ( Poor Things )

     Best Director – Christopher Nolan ( Oppenheimer )

     Best Supporting Actor – Robert Downey Jr ( Oppenheimer )

     Best Supporting actress – Da vine Roy Randolph

     Best Animated Feature – The boy and the Heron

Oppenheimer is about the Journey to make the nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki .

From left :- Robert Downey Jr , Devine Randolph , Emma Stone and Cylian Murphy

Maldives purchases Drone from Turkiye to patrol maritime

·         Maldives has bought drones from Turkey to protect its vast Exclusive Economic zone .

·         A drone base will be built at Noonu atoll to operate the drones .

China’s Congress ends with a show of unity behind Xi’s ‘vision for greatness ‘

·         China’s National legislature on Monday passed a revised state council law that directs China’s cabinet to follow President Xi’s vision .

·         China ‘s National Assembly has about 3000 members , highest in any country .


·         Recently a week-long session of the Chinese Congress was held , where many key  decision were taken.

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