Summary of The Hindu 12 SEPTEMBER 2023 Current Affairs

CBI doesn’t require permission to probe pre -2014 cases too : SC

A five judge  constitutional bench of Supreme court on Monday held a Supreme court ( SC) 2014 , which declared special provision permission by CBI for investigating corruption cases against officers of the rank joint secretary and above has a retrospective effect. .

Section 6 A of Delhi Special Police Establishment ( DSPE ) act – It tells that CBI needs prior permission to investigate against the officers above joint secretary rank .The court said that the statute was void from the very day of its insertion as it violated fundamental rights .

SC additionally told that even in cases prior to 2014 ( SC had given verdict a kit abrogation of 6 A )  this will be valid , means CBI can investigate cases above Joint secretary level without any prior permission even in cases earlier than 2014 .

launch of West Asia economic corridor is a historical step : PM

Two days prior to the launch of the India – Middle East economic corridor , PM Modi described Saudi Arabia as ” one of the most important strategic partners of India ” .

PM Modi and Saudi Price Salman co chaired the first meeting of India – Saudi strategic Partnership and council ( SPC ) . The discussion focused on defense , energy , security , education , technology. transportation , healthcare. Tourism , space and semiconductor as areas of possible coooeration.

Major decions taken as told in joint statement :

     Both sides extended full support to the West Coast refinery project .

Under this a petroleum refinery is being built by ARAMCO , ADNOC and IOCL .

ARAMCO is Saudi Arabian National oil company . ADNOC – Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and IOCL is a PSU in India .

The project is being set up in Nanar ( Ratnagiri district ) , Maharashtra . 50 billion dollar has already been earmarked for the project .


     Two sides agreed to set up a joint Task Force to identifying areas of Investment to Channelise 100 billion dollar that. was promised by Saudi Arabia in 2019 visit of Prince Salaman . Half of this will go for refinery project .

     MoU signed between Central Vigilance Commission of India and Saudi oversight Anti Corruption Authority .  MoU signed between Saudi and India Exim bank .

     In joint statement Saudi side have assured India that it would remain a ” reliable partner and exporter to crude oil supplies .

‘Brazil will focus on inequality during G20 presidency ‘

Brazil has been given G20 presidency symbolically but official presidency will be. Given only in November .

Speaking to presspersons Brazil President Lula De Silva said that among the priorities for his government would be the energy transition , especially the development of ethanol based fuel. , that Brazil has championed , the reform of multilateral banks and expansion of the UN energy council . Mr Lula said , Brazil will take G20 to ” many Brazilian cities ” , ” democratize ” the G20 and make it popular among Civil Society .

” It is a lot responsibility to host G30 next year . We will put the inequality issue as the core issue for the next G20 process ….. inequality of Gender , Race and Education . We have to build an understanding that world needs more balance in terms of the wealth distribution that is being produced ” Mr Lula said .

Declaration reaffirms G20 is a body for economic ties , ‘ not geopolitics ‘ , says China

China in its first official reaction to G20 welcomed New Delhi Declaration which had ” reaffirmed ” that G 20 was a forum for ” economic cooperation ” and not a platform to resolve geopolitical and security issues .

Beijing also ”  welcomed ” ambitious new India Middle East Economic Corridor ( IMEC ) . IMEC is seen as counter to China’s Belt and Road Initiative . Chinese Spokesperson Mao Ning said that the issue should not become a ” geopolitical tool “

Army invited team to visit Manipur : EGI

The Editors Guild of India ( EGI ) on Monday told in Supteme Court that it had visited Manipur only on Army Invitation to make an ” objective ” and ” ex parte reporting ” .

It left SC perplexed that why army would invite journalist .

About the case – FIR was filed by Manipur Police on four EGI reporter Seema Mustafa , Sanjay Kapoor. Seema Guha , and Bharat Bhushan for publishing a report that was biased and showed only one side of figure of Manipur that has caused increased ethnically violence . They have been also charged of reporting false statements .

SC had stayed the arrest and heard the case on Monday .

The accused also called for transfer of their cases from Manipur high Court to Delhi High Court , the court has told that it will examine this request .

The next hearing is on 15 th September .

As pro Maratha activists refuses to relent , shinde holds all party meet

Manoj Jarange Patil a pro Maratha reservation activist is on hunger strike from 14 days , his demand is to include all Marathas to Othe r Backward Class community  ( OBC ) .

 The state govt wants Maratha community yo give a reservation .

CM Eknath Shinde called a all Party ve reservation to Maratha community but not on behalf of other community . He also told that any decision in this regard is not in haste .

After a year’s delay , CSIR ‘s Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award for 2022  announced

Council for scientific and Industrial Research ( CSIR ) has ha publicised list of SHANTI swaroop Bhatnagar Award for year 2022 .

The award constitute 12 scientist below the age of  45 years .

Last year , the Union Home ministry constituted a. committee to review all the national awards in field of science . Many awards were scrapped but Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar awards were retained .


Foreign team join rescue work  after after Morocco earthquake

A Spanish team of 30 firefighters , a doctor , a nurse and two technician assisted Moroccan resuers to dig out any survivors from the rubble mountains .

Morocco has denied accepting help from Germany and France .

The 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Atlas mountains has killed more than 2500 people .


Morrocco in South China sea

US Vietnam warns against ‘ threat ‘ in South China sea

The United States and Vietnam on Monday warned against ” threat or use of force in South China sea ” .

US President Joe Biden is on visit to Vietnam . He stuck a deal with Vietnam to strengthen cooperation . The move is seen as US move to counter China

Mr. Tong  President of Vietnam and Mr Biden called for ” peaceful resolution of disputes in accordance with international law ” ” freedom of navigation in South china sea “

Few days ago Philippines had claimed harassment by Chinese ships in South China sea . China in its maps claim entire South China sea as it’s own territory .


Vietnam in South China sea

Kim Jong Un will visit Russia , setting the stage for a meeting with Putin


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un  will visit Russia as is going to have highly anticipated meeting .

A Kremlin statement said that the visit is organized at Mr. Putin’s invitation and would take place ” in coming days ” . North Korea.has confirmed it .

US and West has warned of such deal in light of depleting Russian military arsenal . North Korea can provide Russia with military arsenal . US spolesperson in a statement characterise d Putin as begging for assistance .


US Open Championship

Novak Djokovic won US Open defeating Daniel Medvedev in final . It is Dnokovic’s 24 th Grand slam .

In Women US Coco Gaugh defeated Aryna Sbaleka in finals .


India’ moment

The G20 summit reimgined as a forum to changing the wider world

About the editorial

The editorial is about G 20 held this year in India . It was unique and model in many respects .

About Outcome of G20

It was being expected that no final statement will be made as the ministerial meetings didn’t give outcome . Ukraine issue was the contentious issue between. West on one side  and Russia with China on other side .

In Bali the statement had criticized aRussia as aggressor , Russia and China were determined to not let this happen this time .Indian negotiators focussed on issue other than geopolitics ,and with that ‘ New Delhi Declaration ‘ was outcome .

New Delhi Declaration –

     More than 10 trillion dollar in climate investment has been talked about

     Participants have agreed to regulate Cryptocurrency and a joint meeting regarding this will be carried

Inclusion of African Union as new member of G20 was a major development .

Problems of Global South were put in highlight .

Global biofuel alliance was formed . India Middle East Europe corridor will be formed  this decision was taken.

G20 organization

Unlike conducting G20 meetings in only one city , India conducted more than 200 meetings in 60 cities with more than 1,25,000 participants participating in it .These efforts has helped G 20 to get popularized .




The old , the Young

Men’s tennis hold up old older ; women section threw up gauff

About the editorial

The editorial is about IS Open wins , In men’s single Novak Djokovic won while in women’s singles Coco Gauff won as her maiden single title .


Men’ Single

Novak Djokovic won his 24 th Grand slam , equalling Margret Court record to win highest no of Grand slam overall . The other two after Djokovic are Rafael Nadal and Roger Federed winnkng 22 and 20 grand slams respectively .

On Sunday finals Djokovic defeated Daniel Mendvedv in straight sets . Mendvedev had defeated Djokovic two years ago .Djokovic became the only player to win 3 grand slams in a year a record four time .

Women’s Single

American Coco Gauff defeated Aryna Sabalenka in straight sets . This was her first grand slam victory , she had reached French open final in 2022 , but got exited early in Wimbledon this year . This can be a new beginnin for her .

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