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              Center seeks to overhaul British – era Criminal laws

Home Minister Amit Shah introduced three bills in Lok Sabha to repael British Era Indian Penal Code ( IPC) , the Indian Evidence Act (IEA) and Code of Criminal Procedure ( CrPC) .

Bhartiya Nyay Samhita (BNS) Bill , 2023 ; Bhartiya Nagrika Suraksha Samhita (BNSS ) Bill 2023 ; Bhartiya Sakshya (BS) Bill 2023 will replace IPC , CrPC and IEC respectively .

The Bahrtiya Nyay Sanhita , 2023 which replaces IPC has following some major points

     It prescribes capital punishment as maximum punishment for mob lynching .

     suggests 10 year improsonement for sexual intercourse with woman on false promise of marriage .

     The bill however states that ” sexual intercourse by man with his own wife not being 18 years of age , is not rape ”

     The bill for the first time defines Terrorism and offences such as separatism , armed rebellion against the govt , challenging the sovereignty of the country  which were earlier mentioned in different provisions of law

     In the new bill those who have left country will also be trialed even in his absence and sentenced . Such as crimaks like Dawood Ibrahim will be trialed



The bill proposes a total 313 changes and will bring revolutionary changes to the criminal justice .HM told that changes were

Some other changes that these bills brig are :

     In cases of Sexual violence agianst women , the video recording of survivors has been made compulsory .

     The police has to inform about the status of a complaint within 90 days .

     Community service has been introduced for specific crimes .

     The maximum limit of 180 days has been fixed to file chargesheet .The police will get 90 days to to file chargesheet , another 90 days can be granted by court but it cannot exceed that .

     Govt of the day will have to decide prosecution sanction against police officers and civil servants within 120 days ,nelse it will be deemed to be permitted

     Videography of search and seizure had been made compulsory and a chargesheet won’t be accepted without it .      ” Conviction rate is presently low , we aim to take it to 90 %.Forensic collection of all crimes punishable by seven years ” Mr. Shah said .


New criminal laws will have no bearing on UAPA and MCOCA

Bhartiya Nyaya Sanhita ( BNS) bill does not talk about amending UAPA – Unlawful Activities Prevention Act or MCOCA – Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act , 1999 . The act governing Central Bureau of Investigation has left u touched .

Another major change is that zero FIR has been codified . Zero FIR is generally filed in sexual hrassment case , it can be filed in any police station across country .A new change regarding confiscation of property has been added .The investigating police officer can make an application to the court to take cognisance that the property has been obtained as a result of criminal activities. This type of property can be confiscated by the court and the victims can be compensated through it,” said the official.





PM cracking jokes when Manipur is burning says Rahul

Rahul Gandhi  said this in a press conference of Congres .


Monsoon session comes to an end Amid opposition boycott

Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha was adjourned sine die on Friday . Bringing end of Monsoon session . Session saw protest from opposition over Manipur , and No Confidence Motion which  against govt that fell . Center passed many bills  such as Forest  Amendment bill 2023 , Digital data protection bill , Nursing and Midwifery bill , A. Dental reforem bill .

Last day Home minister brought bill that seeks change IPC , CrPC , and IEC . Opposition memeners of I.N.D.I.A bloc didn’t participated in valedictory ceremony as they walked out of house protesting  against suspension of Congres’s Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary



Rajya  sabha failed to host debate on Manipur , AAP Raghav Chaddha suspended


Last day in Rajya sabha , AAP Raghav Chaddha was suspended . Also suspension of AAP MP Sanjay Singh was extended . Opposition walked out of Manipur debate .



Opposition hits out at govt over opposition against Cong leader



No plan to pull back Assam Rifles from , Manipur , says official


DD all set for a makeover with fresh programmes ,regional and OTT focus

Presar  Bharti will renovate DD National with new programmes , It will get new logo and anthem on 15 th August . A wide range of new programmes keeping view of current times will be launched .In this year’s budget amount ₹2539 crore has been allocated for Doordarshan . Prashant Bharti is also looking to launch its own OTT platform .


Centre defends the use of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam in G20 logo as China objects

The theme of India’s G-20 Presidency in English is One Earth, One Family, One Future. This is based on our civilisational ethos of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which has received widespread support and permeates many of the initiatives that India has brought on to the G-20 agenda,” MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said he said, pointing out that G20 letterhead during the Indian presidency contains the term in Devanagari and in English .

Reports had come that recent G20 Energy conference omitted the word because of Chinese intervention . China has problem with Sanskrit terms .

China has such problem related to words it has raised  similar objection in promotion of millets , LiFE ( Lifestyle for Environment) mission  and  concept of ” gender led development ” .

G20 logo


Luna 25 will not affect Chandrayaan : Russian space Agency

Russia’s space agency ROSCOSMOS has launched Luna 25 . It will land on souther. Pole of Moon on August 23 same day as Chandrayaan 3 is going to make landing on Moon .

       ”    Luna-25 and Chandrayaan-3 have different landing areas planned. There is no danger that they will hamper each other’s functions or collide. There is enough space on the moon for everyone. Luna-25 is static, it will not move on the surface of the moon,” Ilya Morozov, Center of internal and external communications, State Corporation Roscosmos, told The Hindu.


T.N Chief Minister deplores BJP’s linguistic imperialism

TN chief Minister MK Stalin has criticised wording in Recent bill Bhartiya Nyay Samhita , and others . He has told that Hindi and Sanskrit wording are there to impose Hindi . He calls it against India diversity .


Parliament paves way to 28% GST on online gaming

The govt hopes to roll out higher levy on casinos , horse racing and e gambling by October 1.





AChinese military ship  docks at colombo port for a ‘ formal ‘ visit

A Chinese warship that arrived in Colombo on Thursday will be dociking at Colombo port till Saturday . Media statements from Srilankan Navy said Chinese People’s Army ship Hai Yang 24 Hao is at port of Colambo for “formal visit “.

 When asked to MEA spokesperson he said ” The govt carefully monitors any situation having bearing on India’s security , interests and takes all security measures to defend them . ” MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi ,said . He said that he had seen reports about Chinese shop harbouring in Colombo harbour ,and that he is  unsure if it is a warship .

In 2022 Srilanka had allowed China’s tracking ship Yuan Wang 5 to be parked as Hambantot port despite India’s concerns .



ECOWAS bloc to keep troops ready for Niger

Tensions are escalating between Niger’s new military regime and West African regional bloc that has ordered to deployment of troops to restore Niger democracy after Sunday deadline has ended .

ECOWAS bloc said on Thursday that it had directed a ” standby force ” to restore constitutional order in Niger after its Sunday deadline .

Hours earlier , two wetern officials said that Niger’s Junta had told a top US diplomat that they would kill Mr. Bazoum if neighbouring country if neighbouring countries attempted any millitary intervention to restore his rule .

It is unclear when and where the foce will be deployed which countries from the 15 countries bloc contribute to it . Experts say that it will comprise around 5,000 soldiers mainly from Nigeria .Though countries like Ivory Coast and Benin has also told to participate

ECOWAS is Economic Community of Westerb Africcan States it has 15 memebers all from western Africa . Niger is a part of it .

Niger has a population of about 25 million .

ECOWAS member


Consortium’s plan to acquire Forbes in under scrutiny .

Former US National Intelligence council chair Gregory Treverton has written to US Treaseury Department , asking it to stop a consortium that includes India based SUN group from buying a controlling stakes in Forbes Mahazine citing National Security concerns .


 Treverton has cited the influence of Forbes on US millenial and Gen Z voters .and the ability that it can get manipulated .

 Forbes was hoping to close a deal by end March for 800 million dollar according to the report .

The report has told SUN group being close to Russia . It has large stake in a gold mine in Russia as an asset .

Sun group is Chennai based media company . The company owns TV channels , FM radio stations ,newspaper , magazines ,  cricket Franchises . It owns Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL . It. Has aroundr 37.5% stake in Spice jet .

Forbes is a American business magazine , it is mainly owned by a Hong Kong based firm .



At least 55 dead in Maui wild fires .

Death toll in the wildfire in Maui island on Hawaii has reached 55 . Lahaina a town that used to be famous for its resort and tourism has been completely  burned by wild fire . More than 1000 building has been torched leaving thousand as homeless .Many are saying it worst natural disaster in US   state history .

Maui after devastation.   


Russia claims ‘imroved ‘ position on North East Ukraine Frontier

Russia on Friday said it’s forces improved it’s position in two settlements near Kupainask town . Kupiannsk and surrounding areas of Kharkiv was recaptured by Ukriane ,


IS attack on Syria Army bus kills at least 26 Soldiers , says monitor .

IS targetted a military bus in ” Deir Ezzor province ”


China detains a military group worker to suspected for spying for CIA .


Hunter Biden probe gets a special councel




Petty battles

The debate on Parliament did little to contribute in peace process in Manipur

About the editorial

The editorial talks about No Confidence motion and it’s debates mainly . It  tells that the debate was more focussed on the two sides accusing each other and it lacked  substance

 About debate on No Confidence Motion

One of the objective of bringing No Confidence Motion was to bring  PM in Lok Sabha  to speak over Manipur . PM modi spoke about Manipur . Detailed explanation on Manipur was by earlier given by HM Amit Shah , he defended CM NBiren Singh .The editorial tells that PM Modi speech was more an attack on opposition .

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