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Peace will be restored in Manipur , PM assures LS

PM Narendra Modi on Thursday spoke in parliament as his govt won No Confidence Motion in parliament .

On Manipur

he assured people of Manipur that India and parliament was with them and state and central govt were putting all efforts to bring peace and development back to the state .

” The violence in Manipur is saddening . Crimea against women are unacceptable and central and state govt are working together that guilty be punished . We want to ensure our mothers and daughters in Manipur that this country is with you , this house is with you .”

He told with examples how many of problems were flared up since time of Congress .He emphasised how his govt has focussed on development of North East . He mentioned that he has visited North East 50 times while his cabinet members has visited more than 400 times during nine years BJP is in power .

Attack Congress

Mr Modi attacked Congress that how in past years Congress treated North East , be it bombing in Mizoram during Indira Gandhi , be it Nehru leaving Assam on its fate during 1962 Chinese invasion .

             Terming opposition as ” arrogant , dynastic and corrupt ”  , Modi told that No Confidence Motion previously brought him luck in 2018 , he told ” I ask the opposition to try again in 2028 ” .

Bill seeks to remove CJI from the panel that picks CEC and ECs.

The Union govt on Thursday introduced a bill to remove the Chief Justice of India (CJI ) the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC)  and Election Commissioner (EC) . Instead of the CJI , the three memeber panel would now have a cabinet minister . The three member to choose election. commissioner will comprise , the PM , leader of Opposition and a cabinet minister after passing this bill .

                     Election Commissioner is generally appointed by President but in March 2023 SC in a judgement ordered panel to have members Prime Minister , Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha ( LoP ) and the CJI . The court had said the order would hold until a law was made in parliament .

              The opposition accused govt of diluting courts order .

Indian GPS Navic to be linked to Aadhaar enrollment devices .

The Navigation with Indian Constellation ( NavIC)  ,the seven satellite system that makes  Indian version of American GPS , will soon be integrated into Aadhaar Enrollment devices across the country , the department of Science and Technology said .” The department has facilitated successful use of field trials , and is providing technical details of providing technical expertise in finalisation of procurement specification of devices . Currently Aadhar enrollment kits that are used to collect and verify personal details use GPS .

J&K surrendered it’s sovereignty to India ‘ absolutely ‘ : SC

CJI DY Chandrachud heading a constitutional bench hearing petitions challenging abrogation.of Article 370 . said that Jammu and Kashmir ceded it’s sovereignty to Dominion of India ” absolutely and completely ” .

” It was no conditional surrender of sovereignty to the Dominion of India . The surrender of sovereignty was absolutely complete ” , the CJI observed orally .

He further observed that the restriction that govt of India could not touch certain parts was similar as to other states in which stateost subjects are not touched by center . ” But merely because parliament is disabled from touching a state list item while enacting a law , does not detract from the fact that all these states had once ceded their sovereignty to Dominion of India ” .    

 The court was reacting to the argument that the ” special autonomous status ” granted to Jammu and Kashmir and retention of ” residialru legislative power ” in the state was clear indication that Jammu and Kashmir retained element of sovereignty .

Soon AI will allow you make UPI payments using voice

In a move to make United Payment Interface (UPI ) more user friendly , RBI has proposed AI based conversation features , to enable digital payments through voice commands .

        The RBI has also announced plan to enhance transaction limit for small value digital payment in offline mode from ₹ 200 to ₹500 .

India Japan studying ways to restart  trilateral cooperation with Srilanka .

More than two years after Srilanka cancelled a joint India – Japan MoU for east container terminal (ECT ) project and suspension of Japanese funded Light Rail transit (LRT ) project . The relation of srilanka with India and Japan has imporved . India and Japan played major role in securing lone and debt restructuring in Srilankan economic crisis .

                   Recently Japanese Foreign Minister visited Srilanka . Srilanka has expressed its willingness to return to previous MoUs that were cancelled and resume the suspended projects .

MPC holds rates , lifts FY24 inflation forecast to 5.4% , retains growth view .

Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) on Sunday unanimously decided to keep policy reprorate unchanged at 6.5% even as it raised projected inflation for Financial Year 2024 ( FY 24 ) from 5.1% to 5.4% .

” Headline inflation , after reaching a low of 4.3% in May 2023 , rose in June and is expected to surge during july- August led by vegetable prices .” observed RBI governor Shaktikanta Das , explaining MPC rationale .

  To address the problem of increased liquidity generated by various factors including return of ₹2000 notes to the baking system , cash reserve ratio ( CRR ) of banks has been increased 10 % begining fortnight 12 August


Wildlife deatroys Hawaiian town , leaving at least 36 dead .

At least 36 people have died in a wildfire after a fast moving wildfire turned a historic Hawaiin town to ashes . The fire broke on island of Maui on which the town Lahaina is located . The town has population of around 12000 milainky depending on tourism .

             The fire began in Monday , scorching thousands of acres of land putting homes and businesses of around 35000 people at Maui at risk .Dry whether and strong winds favoured the wildfire . US fire fighters and coast guard is battling to douse fire and save lives

Pakistan National Assembly dissolved

Pakistan President Arif Alvi formally dissolved the National Assembly three days ahead of mandated period .   PM Shahbaz Sharif will continue to perform his duties until a caretaker PromeMinister is appointed . Following this election is expected in Pakistan in November .

Presidential candidate shot dead in Ecuador after rally .

A popular Ecuadorian Presidential candidate was shot dead while leaving a rally in capital Quito . Fernando Villiavicenio is a  anti-corruption crusader who had complained of receiving threats was murdered while he was leaving a stadium in Quito after helding a campaign . President Guillemaro Rasso has declared a state of emergency and blamed organised crime over the assassination.

                     Ecuador will go in elections on 20 august.

Meet ends with road map to save Amazon

Brazil’s Amazon summit ended on Wednesday with a road map to protect tropical rainforest that was welcomed as an important step in countering climate change , but without concrete commitment sought by some environmentalists to end deforestation .

Leaders off eight Amazon nations signed a declaration on Tuesday in Belam,Brazil that led out plans to drive economic development in their countries while preventing Amazon’s ongoing demise ” from reaching a point of no return ” .

            The eight nations Bolivia , Brazil , Columbia , Ecuador Guyana , Peru ,Suriname and Venezuela are members of newly revived Amazon Corporation Treaty Organisation (ACTO) . The group hopes to have major voice in COP 28 to be held in November in UAE .

               Amazon rainforest is one of the largest Carbon sink in world only after Forest is Russian and Canadian cold region . It is most biodiversity region on planet  . Its conservation is vital for climate change.

US calls for curbs in Investment in China

US president Joe Biden on Wednesday issued an executive order aimed at restricting certain American investment in sensitive high tech areas in China . The new rules prohibit new private equity , venture capital and joint venture investment in Advanced Semiconductor  and quantum information technologies .

China foreign minister blasted the move as an attempt to ” engage in anti globalisation and descisation , ” warning that China woukd resolutely safeguard it’s own rights and interests”

5 US citizen moved out of prison in Iran

Iran has transferred five Americans from prison to house arrest  the move comes after Tehran and US deal meditated by UN . Iran will get its billion of dollar frozen in South Korea in this 


                                Risky course

RBI inflation fighting mettle will be tested in the months ahead

About the editorial

The editorial is about recent Monetary Policy meeting (MPC) in which though policy rate has not changed but inflation rate has been revised .Cash Reserve Ratio of banks has also been increased . The editorial talks about the reason behind these .

About recent meeting of MPC

MPC decided to keep its policy rate unchanged . The inflation rate proposed for this fiscal year has increased by 30 basis point from , earlier inflation rate was 5.1 % was projected it has been increased to 5.4 %.The reason that has been given is spike in tomato prices  creating a shock . Projection for the july – September quarter has been increased to 100 basis points to 6.2% .RBI governor told that these recent shock in prices of some food commodities has has destabilized inflation expectations .

About other decisions

RBI also has also increased Cash Reserve Ratio CRR for banks by 10% . But RBI governor told that it will be reviewed in 8 September meeting .

MPC is a 6 memeber RBI panel which meets on regular intervals to decide on change in policy rates such as R

                            Needed habitat

Improving the habitat that sustains tigets is key to increase their number

About the editorial

The editorial talks about the recent updates of Wildlife Institute of India ( WII ) and National Tiger Conservation Authority ( NTCA )  about new estimates of tiger .It talks that why the number of tigers in few states has increased , the steps taken by these states . It further tell s the step needed to be taken to further implement tiger conservation properly

What recent estimated of WIl say

Madhya Pradesh second time in eight years has reported 785 tigers or nearly one fifth of tiger .The state reported 50 % rise in no of tigers since last census .

How MP has perfected tiger conservation

MP over the years has perfected the approach of actively moving both tiger as well as their prey within the state to balance  predator and prey population. Many prey has been removed and new type of prey introduced . Barasiga has been introduced in Satpura and Bandvagarh .Chital has been supplemented in Satpura and Sanjay Gandhi tiger reserve .  

India conservation ethos and way ahead

India conservation ethos has always been to restore tiger number in a. Way that could favour its coexistence with humans . The challenges now is reduced forest land under forest conservation . It is important thus that more state implement active prey management under watch if experts .

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