Summary of The Hindu 10th NOVEMBER 2023

Ethics panel recommends disqualification of Moitra

The lok Sabha ethics panel on Thursday adopted a report recommending the expulsion of TMC MP Mahua Moitra from Lok Sabha over ” cash for query ” allegation . Six members voted in favor of expulsion while four opposed it .

The opposing members called it a fixed match .The report will now be tabled in Lok Sabha on the first day of winter session .of parliament scheduled to began in December 4 . Ms

 Moitra can be expelled only if house votes in favor of panel’s recommendation .

The panel has also proposed ‘ intense ‘ investigation by the govt .

Trinamool Congress leadership told that Mahua Moitra is competent enough to fight her own battle .

Cash for query scam

Mahua Moitra was in relationship with , Jai Anant Dehradai , He had revealed that Mahua Moitra was talking on Phone with Industrialist Darshan Hiranandani . It was also found in investigation that Mahua Moitra Lok Sabha Login was used by Mr. Hiranandani in Dubai .

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey with these evidences had filed charges in ” cash for query ” agianst Mahua Moitra .

Bihar House passes raising ceiling on caste census quota on 65%

Bihar Assembly on Thursday unanimously passed a bill to increase reservation of Other Backward classes ( OBC)  , Extremely Backward Class( EBC )  , Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe from the existing 50% to 65 %.

CM Nitish Kumar assured that govt will implement the provision of the Bill as soon as possible .

Together with Economic Weaker Section ( EWS ) quota the  bill will push reservation on Bihar to 75 % , well past 50% ceiling set by the Supreme Court .

According to Bihar Legislation amendment bill , quota for EBC will be raised from 18% to 25% .

For OBC from 12% to 18% . For SCs from 16% to 20% , for STs from 1% to 2% .

Appeal filed against death penalty for 8 ex Navy personnal by Qatar : Center

The Indian Embassy I Qatar was granted Consular access this week to the eight former Indian Navy personnals whonate facing death penalty in a case that external monster has described as ” sensitive ” .

The Ministry said India was considering ‘further g legal steps ” in the case .

EAM spolesperson Arindam Bagchi on Wednesday said assured ” all legal and consular assistance ” to the eight former officials .who were working with at Al Dahra company .

India has maintained a veiiled secrecy in the case ” The Judgement is confidential and has only been shared with the legal team . They are pursuing further legal steps , and an appeal has been filed ” .

Mr. Bagchi said .

US secretary of Defense Austin arrives in India for ‘2+2’ ministerial dialogue

US secretary of Defense Llyod Austin arrived Delhi on Thursday for attending ” 2+ 2 ” ministerial dialogue between the two countries .Several defense deals are in Pipeline between the two countries first being , the 31 MQ9B  high altitude drones and manufacture of General electric F-414 jet engines in India for LCA Mk2 .

Apart from this progress in several cross cutting aspect of defence and security cooperation will also be discussed .

Center faults Punjab’s farm fires for Delhi’s air pollution problem

Senior officers meeting of Punjab , Haryana , Delhi ,UP and Rajstahan concluded that the current crisis was the account of Stubble burning .

Central govt sources has told that 38% polkuton level was caused by stubble burning .


Israel to begin four hour pause in nothern Gaza

Israel will begin four hour pauses in Northern Gaza starting in Thursday to allow people to flee hostilities , the white house said in what it said a step in right direction.

White house spokesperson John Kirby said the pauses emerged out of discussions between US and Israeli official in recent days , including talks US President Joe Biden had with with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu .

Mr Kirby told that during pause there will be no military strike in those areas and announcement about pause will be made three hours in advance .

Meanwhile the ministry

Ten Palestinians killed in Israeli raid in Jenin

Ten Palestinians died in a military raid in n Jenin in West Bank . Since October 8  , a total of 1000 have died in West Bank .

UK’s Braveman accuses police of bias for refusing to ban pro Palestine March

UK’s Home Secretary Suela Braverman has accused metropolitan police of bias following its refusal to ban pro – Palestine March in London  this Saturday .

Ms. Braverman alos referred to the protesters as ” hate marchers ” .

PM Sunak has got message to sack Braverman several times .

US strikes Iran linked weapons site in Syria

US warplanes carried out a strike on an Iran linked weapon  storage facility , in eastern. Syria on Wednesday .in response yonatralcs against American Personnal .

Police clash with workers in Dhaka

Up to 25,000 garme t workers clashed with police in Dhaka in Bangladesh .

Workers demand is to triple the current wages . Govt panel  recently had agreed to increase workers wages by 56.25% but was rejected by Workers Union.

Bangladesh has more than 3500 garment factories . Garment export make 85%nog countries GDP .

Armed rebellion risks break- up of Myanmar : Junta backed president

Maynamar Military Junta President Myint Swe has told that the country is at the brink of break if military be not able to crush joint offensive by ethnic armed group in Northern Shan State bordering China


Chip of the block

As incentives for semiconductors sputter , course corrections are due

Women in red

A menstrual hygeine policy should provide rage of services

Recently Supreme Court of India gave govt four weeks to finalise an optimum menstrual hygiene policy with the focus of distribution of sanitary napkins . Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud further directed the govt to set up a national model for number of girl toilets per female population across govt aided and residential schools of the country.

Currently as per the latest National Family Health Survey ( NFHS – 5 ) data only 73% of rural women and 90% of urban woman use hygienic method of menstrual protection .

The editorial says that policy is only half revolution , it should cover toilets for women across country and menstrual health for woman should cover woman of all ages .

The Agartala – Akhaura rail link

On November 1 PM Narendra Modi and his counterpart from Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina virtually inaugurated the rail link between Agartalla and Akhaura ( Bangladesh ) .

Feature of rail link

The 12.24 km dual gauge rail line constitute of 6.78 km dual gauge rail line in Bangladesh and 5.46 km rail line in Tripura .Indian govt provided and aid of 392 crore to Bangladesh for this project .

Importance of this rail line for India

It will reduce the travel time from Agartala to Kolkata from current 31 hours to 10 hours .

Currently trains from Agartala has to travel via Guwahati and Lumding in Assam .

The travel distance will be reduced from current 1581 km to 460 km .

It will improve trade ties between two countries . For India  North East Indian products will be able to access port of Chittagong . It supports India ‘s ‘ act east ‘ policy and ‘ Neighbourhood first policy ‘.

Why has govt issued directives on deep fakes ?

On November 8 , Indian govt instructed ” social Media intermediaries ” to remove morphed videos or deep fakes within 24 hours of complaint filed , in accordance with IT rules 2021 .

The instructions came as deep fake videos of actor Rashmita Mandana and Katrina Kaif surfaced online within a span of a week .


About deepfake

In deep fake Images , Audio , videos are created using Artificial intelligence using a machine learning technique called GAN ( generative adversarial network ) .

India’s IT rules , 2021 require that all content reported to be fake or produced using deep fake to be taken down by intermediary platform within 36 hours .

Deepfakes is being increasingly used by cybercriminals and scammer in recent times .



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