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THE HINDU 10-05-23

  • Imran khan arrested, protests erupt in Pak.

Former Pakistani PM Imran khan was arrested from Islamabad high court where he appeared seeking bail on Multi- corruption cases. The arrest has triggered wide spread protest by Imran khan’s supporters.
An arrest warrant was issued by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in the AI- Qadir trust corruption case. The Pakistan Rayners entered the court arrested Imran khan forcefully.  The high court in evening , declared Mr. khan’s arrest as ‘legal’ supporters of Imran khan entered corps commanders house in Lahore, and vandalized it.
AI- Qadir Trust case –  Imran khan allowed 190 million recovery of state to be siphoned to a real estate tycoon in return for personal material favor.
This cost 190 to Pakistan’s exchequer.

  • Curbs eased in riot hit Manipur curfew relaxed for four hours in riot hit Manipur.

The authorities in four districts charachandpur, west Imphal, Jairam and trouble of Manipur related curfew for four hours each. To enable people to procure medicines and food item. The mobile services will be suspended till 13th May.
Earlier SC had told that HC had not the Power to make changes to the list of STs (scheduled Tribes) Manipur high court had asked state govt. of Manipur to send ST status for MITIE community.
Conger blamed center and state both for riots in Manipur.

  • Arab trains to carry goods to Israeli part cohen Israeli Foreigh Minister Eli cohen on

Tuesday addressed India- Israel Buisson forum, they wired for early conclusion of free Trade Agreement (FTA) between India and Israel.
“our vision is that Israel
The gulf Arnab countries and India is the gate from east to west. The trade that will come from India will go to some Arab part and from there by train till. Haifa port to Israel and from their to the markets of Europe” Mr. Cohen
It depends on who is giving the rating: Centre on India’s rank in press Freedom Index
Centre on observation of SC Judge Junction K.M. Joseph that India has fall in ranking of world prem Freedom and it gone down 150 to 161 Solicitor general. Tushar Mehta told that it depends “I can have my own forum and give India the Ist rank”
In recent world freedom Index India is ranked 161 out of  180 countries India is ranked behind Afghanistan Pakistani and Somalia
No end humiliation on frisking for NEET aspirants.
There have been incidences of candidates charging their clothes before going to give NEET test. Many incidence have been reported Where. Girls had to go humiliation of changing clothes. National Testing Agency (NTA) which contexts the test remained tight lipid over the ocean
Third cheetah dies in Kuno; number of adults down to 17.
Third cheetah a female called Daksha died I Kino National park (Kmp) on Tuesday.
Earlier Shashaa died in February and Uday died in April Prime facie, the wounds to have been caused during the will have mating incident with a male cheetahs 12 had South Africa, and 8 from Namibia had been relocated to KNP.
One of them have given birth to cubs, which are in fine Edition govt. is looking to relocate 5 more cheetah in KNP.
Tagore’s birth anniversary  celebration over shadowed b protests at shanti Niketan
Protesters are protesting over govt. move in which
Amartya Sc to hear appeal against screening of the Kerala story
Makers of ‘The Kerala story’ have reached Sc against ban on film in West Bengal. Also against Tamil Nādu government’ move to place state on high alert during screening of movie withdrawing the film.
Earlier on may 5, Kerala High court refused to ban the movie citing “Artistic freedom”
Common Uniform in Army for officer from the rank of Brigadier from August 1.
Army in a significant move has decided that officers from the rank of Brigadier and above will have. Same uniform from August 1. The sources raid that standard uniform will ensure a common identity for all senior rank officers while reflecting the true ethos of the Indian Army. Indian Army RANK.
GENERAL- Lt. General-Major general- Brigadier- colonist cloned –captain-lieutenant
Delhi L-4 seeks report on Kejriwal house renovation:
NCT forms panel on complaint of Mr. Ajay Makens of conger that actual amount of renovation of CM Arvind Kejriwal house is 171 crore. L.G has sent it to chief secretory  and has given seven days. National green Tribunal (NCT) has formed a panel to look into violation of environment herms curing ire construction
 24 killed as bas falls off a bridge in M.P.
At least 24 people were Killed and 40 injured when a bus hit the protective railing of bridge and fell on the river bed. The bus was headed to Indore from Khargone.
As pilot takes aim at. Gehlot, conger tweet praises CM.
Former Rajasthan Dy. Cm Sachin pilot on Tuesday ferreted  CM Ashok Gehlot. He said “It seems like the Rajasthan cm’s ‘real leader is Vasundhara Rajee of BJP and not Sonia Gandhi, says former Cm as he announces “Jan Sangharsh Yatra” to raise issue of corruption, Paper leaks.
Fitch cuts India GDP growth Forecast for this fiscal to 6%
Rating firm had earlier projected 6.2 growth in 2023-24 It has cited effect from elevated inflation, Interest rates, and subdued global demand being reason to decline growth forecast
Go First insolvency filing to stretch supply’’
ark ICICI securities the insolvency of go First will farther tighten the supply in India domestic market.
Go first lenders said to bayous airline’ plea
West is waging a war in Russia, says Putin.
A scaled down victory day was celebrated in Russia. On this occasion accursed west of waging war against Russia.
Today civilization is once again at a decisive turning point’’
A real war has been unlisted against our mother land”
About 8000 troops participated in Parade on Red Square Moscow. Lowest since 2008/
Meanwhile Russia launched barrage of cruise missiles cut Ukraine authorities told that it’s air defenses  destroyed 2 out of 25 million victory day is celebrated in commemoration of Russian victory over taskforces in Germany
U.K. Police ‘regret’ anti-monored demonstration arrest in London.
The Metro Politian Police has expressed “regret” over the arrest of six anti-monarchy protester on may 6 morning, hours before king’s coronation ceremony.
“we request that there six people arrested were unable to join the wider group of protesters in the procercoid route”
Sri Lanka’s Sc clean path to legalize homosexuality.
Govt. In Sri Lanka is bringing a bill to decriminalize Homosexuality opposition party members had went to Sc to stay on this bill.
Sc has rated that the Bill recking decimalization is not in consistent with the constitution” It has paved the way for the Bill for discussion in parliament.
 China expels Canada envoy in tit for tat move.
On Tuesday China announced expansion of a Canadian diplomat It was a retaliatory move.
Earlier Canada had alleged that Chinese envoy in Canada was involved in spying and making threat to a opposition member of Canadian parliament. Canada had expelled Chinese enjoy citing this .
Canadian Pm Justino Trustee told that he won’t get intimidated by Chinese action.
Iran executes more than 10 persons per week, says UN.
At least 204persons were executed since January 1, 2023.
Pakistan and china area to extend CPEC to Afghanistan 5th China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign ministers dialogue was held in Islamabad. The three countries have agreed to extend China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to Afghanistan to fully Harmen Country’s Potential as a hub
Israel raising obstacles to Pakistani healthcare: Who
Editorial 1
Arnab world must help rebuild Suria, while keeping up pressure on Assad.
What the editorial is all about?
Recently Arab league readmitted Syria. Suria was throw out of the group in 2011 The editorial talks about he Syrian civil war, current geopolitical situation, and what need to be done about  the Syrian civil war current geopolitical situation and what need to be done about Syria
Syrian civil war
Syrian civil war started in 2011. Protesters were demanding removal of President and dictator Bashar al Arshad. Syrian govt and army came heavily over there following human right violations and man killings. SYRIA was thrown a way from ARAB LEAGLE. Saudi Arabia took lead in this heavy sanctions were imposed on SYRIA.
SYRIA moved to wards Russia and Iran to get military and financial help.
Civil war seems to end now, and Asad has come as victor Syrian govt. controls most of it territories.
What led to normalizing ties with Arab?
Iran and Saudi Arabia were on two different sides in Syrian civil war with Iran supporting the Syrian govt. in civil war Recent true between Iran and Saudi Arabia has helped normalizing the situation Arab countries have removed most of its sanctions on SYRIA. But heavy sanctions by U.S. remains, this shows weakening vs reach in Arab world.
Way Ahead
Syria has suffered heavily in civil war its infrastructure has been badly battered. Also, there are many civilians who left country and are residing in other countries as refuges. Arab world should help in building infrastructure in SYRIA and also solve humanitarian crisis.
Editorial 2
Green cross hairs
A multi-pronged  counter is warranted to fickle Ef’s Carbon tax plans
What the issue is all about?
European Union (EV) has prepared a frame work under which imparts that have carbon footprint will face heavy duties. The editorial talks about this It further talks about its implications on India
. What is EU Carbon Adjustment plan.
Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) This is EU carbon tax programmed under which duties will be levied on carbon intensive imparts. EU says that this will promote cleaner production in rest of the world.
CBAM will begin from January 2026 The duties levied will be from 19.8% to 52.7%.
How EU.s carbon-tax can affect India?
India is large exporter of iron, steel, aluminum and engineering products to Europe. Though exporters of these products in India are moving towards greener technologies but the formation will need time.
Though EV tells that the move is according to World Trade organocations (WTO) Principles. India can challenge it. India can impose retaliatory tariff on EV products.



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