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Shah appeal for peace in Manipur backs CM

Debate on no confidence motion started in Lok
Sabha on Tuesday . On Wednesday Home Minister Amit Shah put on govt position on
Manipur .In a two hour speech he touched several related issues

Cause of violence

He denounced violence . The cause he told was
Kuki Zomi tribe migrating from Myanmar after military takeover of power there .
And them Manipur High court judgement was immediate cause . He told that a
total 152 have died till now in violence .


Defended CM Biren Singh

Amif demands that CM of Manipur be removed and
President rule be imposed in Manipur . Mr. Amit Shah told that CM is removed to
impose president rule when CM is not “cooperating ” but in Manipur
case CM is totally cooperating .

” We sent new Chief secretary for the
state , changed DGP and security advisor 
and CM cooperated in that ” .

About politicizing such incidents

He told that it is shame that such incidents
like Manipur happen but it is worse that politics over such incidents happen.
He cited Rahul Gandhi visiting Manipur in which initially he refused to take
helicopter but after creating ruckus for few hours later he took helicopter .

 Appeal to Communities in Manipur

He appealed both communities in Manipur to to
shum violence and enter into dialogue with each other and with union govt .

No police operations
without presence of central forces , Shas assures Kuki – zo team.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a meting
with delegation members of Kuki Zo community

The members of Indigenous Tribal Liberation
Forum ( ITLF) members participated in talk . Following outcomes was there 

Home minister Amit Shah asked Kuki Zo leaders
to restore peace in the region before political talks are held

 He assured that Manipur police will not
conduct operations in the hill areas without presence of central security
forces . All checkpoints leading to hill areas willThe delegation  be looked by Assam files .

 ITLF pur 10 demands before govt that included
deployment of more forces in buffer zone , establishing a office of Lamba
Commission of inquiry in Churachandpur .

 HM asked5 
Kuki Zo community to defer it’s plans to burial of 35 members of S
Bolijang village that was initially planned on August 3 . HM asked change in
burial site as it fall in conflict zone .Earlier Manipur High court had
restricted Kuki zo plans of burial of 35 members in Bojang village , the
staynhas bben extended till 30 August till next hearing.
One member on condition of being anonymous said that whenever they
insisted on political solution , HM called for peace first .Kuki Zo
leaders  are  demanding separate administration .


Develop indigenous web browsers grab cash

Ministry of electronic and IT (MEity ) on
Wednesday announced a cash prize of ₹3.4 crore for developers develprs who help
to create an Indigenous web browser ” for the world ” But the browser
ideas will have to trust Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA ) , the INDIAN
govts authority and Security socket layer cerficate (SSL) .

 The certificates such as SSL and CCA verify that makes sure that the website
encrypts itself and thus tells about safety of link visited . It prevents
attack from viruses . SSL certificate is generally what browsers like Google
Chrome , Microsoft Edge , Mozilla Firefox use . CCA is issued by Indian
authorities and no companies generally use it . Govt wants to reduce its
dependence of foreign web Browsers and certficates both .

Ro Khanna
to raise human rights issue during India visit : US civil rights group

Ro Khanna an Indian American US congressman
will lead US Congress delegation to India on eve of Independence day . Ro
Khanna has told that discussion on human rights in India will be top priority
for India . He has met Indian American Hindus and Muslims both .THE delegation
will participate in PM’s 15 August speech at Red fort . HE will meet PM Modi
and EAM S.jaishankar on his visit . The other issues to be discussed will be
decarbanization , climate change , digitalogation and economic cooperation .

Jammu and Kashmir constitution limited
Executive powers of Union of India , says SC

Heraing over constitutional validity of
abrogation of article 370 is going on in Supreme Court .On Wednesday CJI DY
Chandrachud asked why no govt tried to abrogate Article 370 and bring Jammu and
Kashmir expressly under the ambit of Indian Constitution.


                         “post 1957,
neither the govt not the legislative assembly of J&K not for that matter
political establishment in the rest of the country thought it to amend Indian
constitution to bring J&K expressly under the fold of Indian constitution
.” He  questioned ” was it all
all necessary mto amend the Indiam constitution to constitution in order to
recognise some other constitution ? Was it necessary to put fetters on power of
parliament .


Pakistan parliament to be dissolved to set
stage for election

PM Shahbaz Sharif told that he would advise
President to dissolve parliament . The five year term of parliament is going to
expire on August 12. Poll may be delayed because election body being busy with
formation of new constituency following census .

                                    In 2018
polls Imran khan’s party PML hademerged as winner .

China’s economy tips into deflation

Recently released data by China’s national
bureu of Statics (NBS) says that China’s Consumer Price Index of China dropped
.3% in July on year on year . Production Price Index (PPI ) declined for 10 th
consecutive term by 4.4%. China CPI inflation target is 3% .

Deflation is a situation of persistant
declining of commodity prices It is just opposite of of Inflation . The reason
behind deflation is said to be decline in demand .Also manufacturing sector and
service sector have very different trajectories of growth .

Focussing on 13A without policing powers
“practical” Ranil tells house .

Srilamkam president in Parliament in Monday said said that it will be
better to implement 13 A without giving police powers under it .

                               13 A talks about
provincial elections and center sharing power with provinces .Police will come
under provicial govt . Mr Ranil told that it will be better to keep contentious
issues aside and move forward with a agreement on provincial power sharing .
Tamil National Alliance (TNA) a group of Tamil MPs in Srilankan Parliament
” categorically rejected ” president proposal .

                                Srilanka has
not seen any provincial govt since last 5 years . Even earlier though there
were provincial govt but power was not devolved 
as it should have . Tamil residing in nothern and eastern part of Island
has been demanding for provincial election .


Uk voter data hacked by “hostile actors
” :poll body

UK election commission on Wednesday told that
voter data had been hacked since August 
2021 . However authorities became aware of breach only in October 2022
.by which time hackers had accessed all data . Data of nearly 40 million people
have been compromised . There are many Indians also who has voting rights in
general elections , their data also comes under this . Though no suspect has
been talked about yer officially . Many senior officer says that Russia can be
behind it .


Amazon nations to jointly fight deforestation

Eight south American countries on Tuesday
agreed to launch an alliance to fight deforestation in Amazon rainforest
,vowing to stop deforestation to stop from reaching”  a point of no return” . Bolivia , Brazil
, Columbia , Ecuador , Guyana , Peru , Suriname , and Venezuala signed a joinT
declaration in Belemnat the mouth of Amazon River .The agreement talks about a
roadmap tompromo sustainable development , end deforestation and organised crime
that fuel it.

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