Summary of The Hindu 09 SEPTEMBER 2023 Current Affairs

Modi , Biden welcomes progress in ties

US President on Saturday night held bilateral meeting with PM Modi after arrival to New Delhi .

A joint statement issued after bilateral talks said : ” President Biden welcomed the issuance of letter of Request from the ministry of Defence India to Procure to procure 31 General Atomics MQ 9B( 15 sky Guardian and 15 sea Guardian ) remotely and their associated equipment , which will enhance the intelligence , surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of India’s armed forces across all domains. ”

 PM Modi said in a Twitter post ” Happy to have welcomed US president Joe Biden to 7 Lok Kalyan Marg . Our meeting was very Productive .We were able to discuss numerous topics which will further economic and people to people  inkahes between India and USA . The friendship between our nations will continue to play greater role in furthering global good .” , Mr. Modi said on social media platform X .

 INDIA wins four seats,  BJP three in assembly  bypolls

 Court grants four more weeks to ASI to complete survey of Gyanvapi Mosque

The Varanasi District court on Friday granted four more weeks of time to the Archaeological Survey Of India ( ASI ) to complete the scientific survey of Gyanvapi Mosque complex and submit its report .

ASI had earlier asked for 8 more weeks citing that time was taken in removing debris around orginal structure .

ASI Survey started on August 4 and September 4 was last day to complete survey .

 Two killed near Violence in Kuki Zo. settlement

Violence erupted between Security forces and Kuki zo community in pallel in Tengnoupal district of Manipur on Friday .

Unidentified armed miscreants fired security personals at Tengnoupal district of Manipur on Friday .

More than 40 members were injured during mob control exercise .At least eight armed miscreants and 3 security forces also sustained injuries .

 New Delhi declaration ‘almost ready ‘ , says G20  Sherpa  

Ukraine war unlikely to end in recent future


We have a lot to bring to G20 table : African Union Chief

African Union ( AU) is confident of becoming a full member of G20 during the Delhi summit beginning here on Saturday , says it’s chairperson , Azali Assaumani . Mr. Assaumani is also President of Comoros . Taking to ‘ the Hindu ‘ he urged G20 economies to utilise G20 .About Africa becoming .


” Our main priority is to achieve industrialization . We have a lot of resources in Africa but unfortunately we do not processG in the and therefore it is important for us to work with Organizations like G 20, so that they can  invest in Africa and process and Produce in Africa ” AU president said

On Immigration :– ” Africa must find a solution ” to the immigration crisis that is a major issue in Europe .  it is duty of Africa to ensure job security in the continent and find the jobs that they require. ” .

On war and Shortage : AU president said that war has created shortage of food and fertilizer and some other essential items , and that they are  looking at possibilities and alternatives .

He also told that Food situation in Africa requires India to step in by ensuring supplies as there is crisis like situation in Multiple African countries .

” We are planning to talk to Indian authorities as we depend on India. rice . India has a lot to provide to Africa like capacity building . Afric needs partners that understands us and India is one such country ”

Logo of African Union

 India’s G20 lead effective even if Russia’s absence

Efforts are to build a peaceful world are faltering and the Ukraine conflict is unlikely to end the immediate future , secretary general to UNSC said .

” Divisions are growing , tensions are flaring up , and trust is eroding – which together raise the specter of fragmentation and ultimately confrontation . The global financial structure is outdated , dysfunctional and and unfair It requires deep , structural reform . And same can be said about UNSC ”

Mr. Guterras praised India’s G 20 prezi ,

P.dency for its focus on developmental Agenda and bringing African Union to G20 .


 Phillipines condemns illegal action by China boats in South China sea .

Phillipines has condemned ” illegal ” action by Chinese ship by obstructing Phillipines ship from carrying resulpply material to Thomas Shoal and sparty islands .

The Chinese ship had conducted ” harrasment , dangerous maneoiveres , and aggressive conduct ” , when towards the Phillipines boat as told by Phillipines National Task Force .

China coast guard accused Phillipines coast guard of entering waters around the reef ” without obtaining permission ” .

China claims entire South China Sea as it’s territory .


South China sea

New Submarine has nuclear capabilities

North Korea on Friday unveiled a submarine named ‘Hero Kim Kun OK ” . Official news channel said that the newly inducted submarine has capability of firing nuclear weapons  below water .

South Korea however has snubbed the claims and told that it is same submarine that Kim had inspected in 2019 and it is not likely to have nuclear capability . 

China Premier meets Indonesia leader pledges deeper ties

Chinese Premier met with Joko Windodo in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. after leaders summit of ASEAN this week . They agreed to boost cooperation and trade including expanding Imports from Indonesia .

China has built bullet train in Indonesia .China told that it will cooperate with  Indonesia in developing its electric vehicle industry . It wil also cooperate in expanding and operation of high speed rails .

Starlink turned down kyiv’s request for internet access in Black sea , Prevented attack , says Musk

Tech billionaire Elon Musk on Friday said that last year he prevented attack on Russia. Naval base as he declined request by declining permission to Ukraine for Internet through Starlink satellites .    “There was an emergency request from government authorities to activate Starlink all the way to Sevastopol. The obvious intent being to sink most of the Russian fleet at anchor,” Mr. Musk posted Thursday on X, formerly

named Twitter.

Satellite internet service in Ukraine has been deployed in Ukraine shortly after Russian attack in february 2022 .

He was referring to attack on Russia’s black sea naval base at Sebastopol[1]  .

Sebastopol is black sea naval base of Russia

 Suspected jihadist attacks on Mali river boat and army base kills 64  




One Nation,  seven Polls

The bypolls in the country were decided by local factors

About the editorial

The editorial is about recently held Assembly bypolls in seven states in which BJP won 3 seats while INDIA bloc 4 seats .

The editorial discusses the result .


Result of 7 bypolls held

BJP won 3 seats while INDIA bloc four seats . Prior to vacancy of seats  BJP had 3 seats among these 7 seats while INDIA block had 4 seats . So there was no change in that regard .

Samajwadi Party (SP)  won Ghosi seats in UP , previously held by BJP.

BJP won Uttrakhand ‘s.         seat which originally was held by BJP itself .

Dhupguri in West Bengal won by TMC .

In Kerala CPI ( M) retained Puthupally seat .

BJP won Bkxnagar seat in Tripura which earlier was under CPI( M) .BJP also retained Dhanlur seat in Tripura .

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha ( JMM ) won Dumri seat in Jharkhand .

Overall BJP retained two of previous seats lost one to TMC . While CPI( M) lost its previously retained seat to BJP 

What these results reflect

Nothing can be interpreted that is significant at National level , the bypolls just showed local trends . However it showed differences in INDIA bloc where , in Kerala CPI ( M ) and Congress was against each other .


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