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          THE HINDU 09-06-23


RBI holds rates, vows to keep price stability.

Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of RBI met on Thursday, it unanimously decided to keep policy repo rate unchanged at 6.50%.

RBI has forecasted real GDP growth for 2023-24 at 6.5%. CPI inflation has been estimated to be 5.1% this year. RBI governor on MPI’s decision said that Policy repo rate unchanged on 6.5% will help in price stability which will help economy rise.

MPC – It is a panel of six member who decides on change of Policy repo rate.

It’s Chairman is RBI governor.

Repo rate – The interest rate at which RBI gives short term loan to Banks.

Repo rate increase – Inflation decrease

Canada is giving space to extremists, says Jaishankar.

EAM S. Jay Shankar speaking to Media person on Completion of 9 years of Modi govt. rebuked Canada heavily for “giving space” to extremists and separatists.

Over Tableau Parade in Brampton, Canada

Recently on anniversary of operation Bluster, a Tableau of former PM Indira Gandhi was made and parade in Brampton Canada.

EAM S. Jayshankar told that it was larger plan.

On Relation with neighbours

Mr Jaishankar told that relationship with, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar has improved.

No adequate progress on Sino-India relations, as china is looking to “Coerce” India.

On Pakistan, he told that normalization of relationship is based on Pakistan stopping cross-Border terrorism.

On Canadian NSA accusing India to interface in Canada’s internal matter.

EAM said that if anyone has complaint in this regard it is India.

Monsoon sets in over Kerala after 7 day dealy

The Southwest Monsoon reached Keral on Thursday, four days after. The original forecast date of 4th June. “Southwest Monsoon has advanced into entire Lakshdeep areas, most parts of Kerala, most parts of South Tamil Nadu, and some parts of Southwest, Central and northeast Bay of Bengal.

Criteria of Monsoon arrival.

“Widespread rainfall”, windspeed, degree of dowdiness, there are some criterias of arrival of Monsoon.

CBI to probe if violence in Manipur was pre-planned.

Manipur govt. has recommended six cases to CBI. A total 3,734 FIR were registered in total.

A Naga Bridge

On Wednesday HM Amit Shah met 10 Naga legislator from Manipur.

It was decided that Naga would act as a bridge between the Kuki and Meitei communities.

Manipur Assembly has 60 seats.

60 seats – 40 Meitei, 10 Kuki, 10 Naga

The 6 districts where there is no curfew is Naga areas mainly.

Peace for 48 hours

Kuldeep Singh, Security advisor to Manipur govt. has told that the situation is peaceful from 48 hrs and no violence has been reported.

OPEN AI’s Sam Altman meets Modi, discusses global regulation of AI.

OPEN AI’s CEO that created chat GPT. Sam Altman met PM Modi on Thursday.

He said “The need to think about global regulation to make sure we prevent some downside (AI) from happening” was discussed.

More Muslims castes on Bengal OBC list, says NCBC Chief.

Following the allegation that undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh and Rohingga form Myanmar were being given reservation in West Bengal.

National Commission of Backward class (NCBC) has launched investigation on State’s OBC list.

In a Press Conference NCBC Chairperson Hansaraj Gangaram Ahir said :

  • They asked why there were more Muslims OBC castes than Hindu OBC case in West Bengal, while Hindus Population is Way higher.

State govt. had no Proper answer of this.

As per State govt’s OBC list 103 out of 180 communities were Muslims.

He said that State govt. is giving OBC status to those who are not entitled to it “in order to appease some communities”.

 Filed false cases against WFI Chief out of anger. Family is living in fear : minor’s father.

Father of Minor wrestler has said he had deliberately filed “ a false cases against WFI Chief and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Singh out of anger”.

Based on his complaint a POCSO case was filed in Canasaught place Police station.

However he said that his family is living in intense fear”.

National Exit Test to start from 2024, says health minister.

Union Health Minister on Thursday announced that the National Exit Test (NEXT) from 2024.

NEXT will replace final year MBBS examination and “NEET-PG”.

AIIMS Delhi will conduct exam next year. It announced that 50 new colleges has been included in this list.

DRDO successfully launches tests ballistic ‘Agni Prime’.

It was tested on Wednesday night from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam island off Odisha.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam island earlier known as Wheeler Island.

Centre likes Kharif Crop MSPs, ₹ 143 increase for Paddy.

Centre has increased Minimum Support Price for Paddy by ₹ 143 per quintal to ₹ 2183 per quintal.

The decision was taken on Wednesday in Cabinet Committee on economic affairs (CCEA).

New MSP : –

  • Moong – ₹ 8558/quintal ( ₹ 803 )
  • Arhar – ₹ 7000/quintal ( 58% above cost of production)
  • Maize – ₹ 2080/quintal (₹ 1289 )
  • Ragi – ₹ 3846/quintal ( ₹2689 )
  • Seaome – ₹ 8635
  • Groundnut – ₹ 6377
  • Soyaben – ₹ 7734
  • Sunflower – ₹ 6760.

Farmers organization has protested telling that increase is not in true with input cast.


4 toddlers gravely injured in French AIP knife attack.

 U.S, UK forge altantic declaration to boost ties.

US and Britain on Thursday announced a new strategic pact.

An “Atlantic declaration was adopted by the leaders aims to boost industry ties on defense and renewable energy, in the face of growing competition from China.

Changing times

“We face new challenges to international stability – form authotarinian states such as Russia and People’s Republic of China; disruptive technologies, non state actors, and transitional challenge like climate change. The declaration read.

Both leaders also discussed AI related challenges and Ukraine war.

Blinken says Saudi Arabia not being forced to choose between US; China.

  1. Secretary of state Antony. Blinken told that Saudi Arabia was not being forced to choose between USA and China. He ended his 3 day visit to Saudi Arabia. Price Faisal Farhan foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia said :

“We are all capable of having multiple partnership and multiple engagement and US does the same in many instantances”.

Saudi Arabia and USA had been a good ally in past. But in recent times the two countries relation has been facing tough time.

  • US had used harsh words on Saudi Arabia’s decision to cut oil production.
  • Even there were reports earlier that Mohd. Bin salman ignoring Trump’s calls.
  • Saudi Arabia and China’s relation has improved a lot.

Recently China was mediator in truce of Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The region is looking peaceful, with Iran and Saudi Arabia ending their hostilities. Syrian civil war ending and Syrian bei
ng welcomed in Arab league.

Saudi Arabia is largest oil expoeters.

Heavy shelling hits flooded kherosan region

Ukraine and Russia has accussed each other of shelling rescuers and evacuees in the flood-hit Kherosan region on Thursday.

The destruction of a major Russian-held-dam has left 600 km2 are under water.

Zelensky visited the flooded region on Thursday.

Canada wildfires shroud New York in apocaluptic Haze and smog :

Smoke from Canadian wildfires is hrouded New York in an apocalyptic Haze on Wednesday. US authorities has issued air pollution warning.

20,000 people have displaced due to forest fibres.

Canadian wilfire causing .Hazw in New York.

EI Nino arrives, raising extreme whether fears across the world.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has quite that EL Nino has arrived, this, can lead new temperature records around the world.



Canada is doing very little to address India’s concerns on Sikh extremism.

What the editorial is all about ?

On the anniversary of Operation Bluestar, A group of Canandian sikh Separatist or “Khalistani” made tableau of former PM Indira Gandhi to glorify her assassination.

The editorial discusses Indira-Canada relation on Khalistani issues and how to mend it ahead.

About incident related to Talibalean of former PM Indira Gandhi.

A tabalean, in Brampton, Canada, glorifying the assassination of former PM Indira Gandhi was in set on eve of operation Bluestar.

This has not gone well with India.

The tableau was made by Pro Khalistani groups in Canada.

EAN S. Jaishankar told that it was a part of a broader plan and it pose a real challenge not only to India-Canada but to Canada itself.

He told that failure to act against such groups is was to cater Canadian “vote-banks” that has about 8,00,000 sikhs.

Recently Canadian NSA gave an statement in which he said that Indira was interfering in Canada’s internal matter. EAN told that it was similar as “ulta chor kotwal ko dante”. Means that Canada is doing with that is interfering in Indian internal issues and it is  occurring India instead.

About India-Canada relationship.

India has repeatedly being complaining about violent protest against Indian Stance over Khalistan.

Be it vandalism of temples, anti-India protest, anti-modi graffiti, vandalisation of Indian community centres in Canada india has been complaining, but no action has been taken by canandian authorities.

In 2020, Canadian PM Turdeaue had critised Modi’s govt ove farmer’s protest. India had called of high level engagement and shammped communication which were later restored.

The editorial says that India instead of protesting on Tabaleau should provide exidence to Canada govt. over extremist cases.

Operation Bluestar – It was conducted between 1 to 10 June, 1984 to neutralize sikh extremist Jairnail Singh Bhindrawale hiding in Golden temple.

Bhindrawale was executed. But bullet marks came on Golden temple. These hurt sikh sentiments which led to assassination of PM Indira Gandhi by her sikh bodyguards.

This led to Delhi sikh riots in which thousand of Sikhs died.



 The focus was on trade, development ties during the Nehru’s PM visit.

What the editorial is all about :-

The editorial is about recent visit of PM Prachanda of Nepal to India. Some major projects were signed. It talks about India-Nepal relationship in past.

About recent visit of PM Pushpa kumar Dahal “Prachanda” to India.

Some very important agreements were signed between both countries:-

  • To increase export of hydroelectric power to 10,000 MW in 10 years, from Nepal to India.
  • MoU was signed for construction of Petrolium Pipeline between Siliguri and Jhapa, besides extensions of existing Pipeline and construction of new terminals.
  • Nightlight of all these war, Nepal to export hydro power to Bangladesh through pipelines across India.

It is an extension of India’s importing hydropower from Nepal.

About India Nepal relationship.

The fier has been full of ups and downs. Few issues on which Nepal has been critical towards India.

  • Kalapani river which Nepal has been claiming that it is his.
  • Also Nepal’s former PM K.P. Oli was quite hawkish towards India-Ctiticising now and then. The regime change to Prachanda occurred in 2022, and he has been a bit pro-Indian.

Nepal has talking huge loan form China to develop Infrastructure. India has been quite indifferent about them.



What was the requirement on for limit on UPI transactions ?

The story so far : –

As UPI transactions are breaking records, Banks are opting to daily limits. It is over and above NPCI (National Payment Corporation Of India), 2021 ceilings.

Conversation about Daily limit

At present user can make 20 transaction one day maximum.


₹ 1 lakh maximum transaction in one day.

Capital market, insurance and forward remittances transfer limit is ₹ 2 lakh for. UPI base ASBA, IPO, and ratail direct scheme it is ₹ 5 lakh.



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