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THE HINDU 08-05-2023


  • Manipur remains tense as many fiee for safety.

On Sunday Manipur govt gave relaxation is curfew for few hours in affected areas. The mobile services has not been restored get. Government earlier had appointed a new security advisor as kuldeep singh.
Govt. on Sunday told that 37 people have died in violence though unofficial figures says death toll to be even higher.
Churachandpur, bishnupur and imphal remained highly sensitive. Though 3 hour curfew relaxation were given.
Many people have field to Mazoram, Assam for safety regions states such as Meghalaya, Assam arranged special buses to evacuate many.
Security forces have shifted about 25,000 people from conflict zone to safe places in army garrisons though some officiars claiemed that article 255 has been imposed in state but no official statement in this regard has come from home ministry.

  • 22 drown, many missing in boat tragedy in kerala.

22 people drowned when a tourist boat in poorapuzha estury in Malappu ram estury of kerala drowned on Sunday.
The boat was over crow had it had 50 passengers on board . the incident happened at around 7 pm.
Rescue operation is in full swing

  • Farmer leaders, wrestlers set may 21 deadline for arrest of WFI president.

A 15-day deadline was set on Sunday for the centre to arrest wresting federation of India (WFI) chief and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan after farmer leaders held a Mahapanchayat in support of the protesting wrestlers at Jantar Mantar
Wrestler vinesh phogat talking to media persons said that the protest is “going to get bigger” in the coming days she said “Nobody has hijacked our cause. We will fight collectively and take a big decision on may 21 if the government does not offer a solution she said.
Hundreds of protesters have gathered from Delhi, Haryana, U.P to express solidarity with wrestlers Mahapandayat of Klaps held at Jantar  Mantar site on Sunday.

  • Fres data rejigs dray down 2022-23 export import tally by 3 billion.
  • Fresh data rejigs drag down 2022-23 export-import tally be 3-billion.

India’s Goods trade humber has been revised by over 10 billion from initial estimates.
Original figures              Revised Figures

Goods export        444.4 billion                  447.46 billion
2022-23                714.24 billion                711.85 billion
Revised figures for February March
Original                Revised       Changes

Goods exports → 33.9 billion            37 billion    3.1
The revision has been on account of petroleum imports mainly.
And export of its products.

  • SC states for Dalit converts : Former CJI says inquiry commission can finish task in a year.

Former chief Justice k.G. Balakrishan has told that it will take one year to finish its findings and give a proper report.
Earlier SC has given 2 years to this committee.
The issue is whether Dalit converts to Christianity, Buddhism or Sikhism be given scheduled caste (SC) status.
Rangnath Mishra report, 2007 = told that Dalit converts should be given SC status.
Govt has formed a committee headed by former chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan to prepare a new report on this the case is pending in SC for over 19 years.
Earlier, govt. had called Rangnath Mishra report as “Myopic” and “flawed” citing several points.

  • mulls over all-woman marching contingents, bands for R-day Parade.

The centre is looking to have all-woman marching and band contingents, tableaux and other performances at the republic day parade, 2024 on Kartavya path.
Though some has shown concern like, how infantry and armoured regiments of the Army-will be able to have all-woman marching contingents, as neither division has woman.
The three security forces is frying to recruit women in all of its department.

  • SC to hear plea for SIT probe into Manipur Violence today

Manipur tribal forum a Delhi based Manipur tribe group has earlier file a petition in SC to conduct a SIT probe under SC in Manipur violence.

  • The petitioner has told that the attack have support of ruling party (BJP).
  • It has also called govt to compensate tribes affected in this and build churches SC will her this petition today.
  • Install CCTV cameras in offices of investigate agencies by July 18 says SC.

SC has given 3 month time to centre, setting 18 July as deadline to install CCTV camera in offices of CBI, NIA and ED.
Earlier in a 2020 Judgement SC had told govt to install CCTV cameras in six investigative agencies including CBI, NIA and ED.
The court observed that the govt has not complied with it.

  • ‘Dravidian Ideology’ is not outdated says stalis.

On an event on completion of 2 year term for its government in Tamil Nadu. CM M.K stalin told that Dravidian ideology was not outdated but it had rendered “Sanat hana Dharma, Varnashrana, Manu Meedhi, humiliation in  the name of caste system outdated.
Earlier T.N. governor R.N. Ravi had rendered that the “Dravidia ideology had expired”

  • Protests continue over disrespect to Amartya

A group of intellectuals and TMC leaders have been holding protest against Visva-Bharati University, Shantiniketan, Outside house of Amartya sen.
Earlier govt. had asked Dr. sen to vacate part of the land over which his house is built Govt elaimed that part of land belonged to Viswa-Bharati university. The protester are protesting against disrespect orf Amartya sen.

  • Indian prisoner dies in Pakistan a week before repatriation

199 Indian fisherman are set to be relased by Pakistan. They will be released on 11th and reach India on 12th may.
On of the fisherman named Zulfo qar died in karanchi hospital India had been urging to relase 633 fisherman in Pakistan jail. 19 Pakistani fisherman are in Indian jail.
India has also urged Pakistan to release 22 civilian prisoners who have completed their sentence in Pakistan but are still in their Jails.


  • Japan south Korea agree to take ties forward in a land mark regional shift

On Sunday Japanese prime minister fumio kishida met south Korean prime minister yoon suk yeol.
This was 1st visit of Japanese president to south korea in 12 years earlier in March PM yoon had visited Japan to break ice between two countries.

  • What is issue between south korea and Japan?

South korea was under Japanese occupation between 1910-1945. Japanese did extreme cruelty towards south Korean which includes murder rape etc.
Any engagement with Japan was not favoured by South Koreans since them.
Japan has not apologised for this even on Sunday PM kishida fell short of apologising.

  • What have brought the two countries together?

Both countries are U.S. ally both has a common enemy in region North Korea.

  • What decision were taken on PM Kishida’s visit?

A fund to help those affected by war crimes by Japanese has been set up by  Japanese Pm.


apanese PM invited south Korean PM for G-7 meeting to be hald later this month in Tokyo.

  • In unanimous decision Arab league readmits Syria after 11-year absence.

On Sunday Arab league welcomed back SYRIA after decades long suspension.
In November 2011, Arab league had suspended Syria after Syrian govt’s crack down on peaceful protesters.
Syrian civil war caused death of about 5 lakh people, displace millions and battered country’s infrastructure.
Arab league currently has 22 members which includes Arabian countries, and North African countries mainly.

  • Wagner to continue in Backmut after Russia Promises enough ammunition

Earlier the waqner had said that because of lack of ammunition they might be forced to pull from Bakhmut Russia authority has told that they will provide required
Ukraine’s attack   ammunition.
Russian army said it repelled 22 Ukrainian drones over Black sea.

  • Gunman kills eight person in shopping mall in Texas.

A heavily armed man stormed a shopping mall in US texas killing eight person and wounding several other before he was killed by police.

More than a story

False narratives and propaganda should be countered, but not through ban.

  • What the editorial is all about?

Recently SC denied to have a ban on the movie “the kerla story”. The editorial talks about the content of movie and tells that banning is not a solution.

  • About “the kerla story”.

It was released on 5th May.
The movie is about 32,000 women come in light that most of them were converted and recruited by ISIS terrorist group.
The movie focusses on religious conversion to islam by terrorist organisation and its wings.
The movie focusses on religious conversion to Islam by terrorist organisation and its wings.

  • About protest and court’s decision?

Some people protested screaning of this and had earlier went to supreme court. SC denied ban and told them to move HC.
Kerala HC denied ban on movie, though demand of protesters for a disclaimer that movie was fictional was accepted.
The editorial said that banning movie in such cases acts as an advertisement which had more people watching it. And the solution of this is to expore falsefood if there is any and not to ban it.


New king, New Thing

Charles III must adopt modern values while carrying on with Royal traditions.

  • What the editorial is all about?

Recently king charole’s III was corronated in a lavish ceremony it was first coronation in 70 years the editorial talks about challenges ahead for king.

  • Challenges within Place.

King Charles III hast two sons prince hary and Prince willians there has been feud in royal family and the younger son prince Williams has left monarchy and have got settled in California with wife Meghan Marck in his recent book he has reaveled many things about the Royal life which he didn’t like.

  • Other challenges

Scotland demand for Independence humza yousuf has become new first minister of Scotland after steeping down of Nicola sturgeon Scotland demand for independence seems a major challenge.
Many countries want to have their own head of states?
Many common wealth countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, Australia the Bahamas, Belize, Grenada, Jamaica and st. Kitls and Nevis have signalled their intentions to appoint their own head of state

  • Way ahead

King Charles III has loung been involved with climate charge and other issus
He will need to leave some Royal traditions that is not relevant and stick to what is right.
Commonwealth “Realms” → It is a group of countries, which were earlier British colonies and presently their head of state is king of UK.
Some bigger countries among it are Australia, Canada, New Zealand’s, there are 14 countries under commonwealth “realm” with many small island nations.



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