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THE HINDU 08-06-23


 Odisha trains crash : 89 bodies wait identification at AIIMS Bhubaneshwar.

Five cold storage has been sourced from PARADIP port to supplement AIIMS Bhubaneswar’s mortuary capacity. The hospital is presessing DNA samples of all bodies and matching with the claimainants in case of contentious claims, like more than one family claiming for same body.

  • Wrestlers suspend protest on Minister’s assurance.

Wrestler Bajrang Purnia and Sakshi Malik met sports minister Anurag Thakur, they held discussion for around five hours.

A common ground has been found where the wrestler has agreed to suspend their agitation till June 15. Anurag Thakur has assured that them that the Delhi Police would complete the probe by then and file a chargesheet in the case.

Anurag Thakur also assured that the FIR filed against Wrestlers over rioting charges on May 28 will also be taken back.

WFI election

Bajrang Purnia said that govt. has assured that free and fair election for WFI Chief would take place by June 30.

“Concerning the elections for the WFI, there will be no discrimination and nobody with a criminal background will be up for the position of President.”

  • Bifurication demand : 10 Manipur MLAs got showcause notice.

Privelege and Ethics Committee (PEC) of Manipur assembly has asked 10 MLAs to explain why they demanded a separate administration for a group of ethnic communities.

The 10 MLAs including seven from BJP from Kuki-zomi community has raised, bifurication demand after the clashes broke between the two groups.

16 June time has been given to reply to there MLAs, appropriate action will be taken after this.

Manipur assembly has 60 MLAs, 20 is reserved for hill tribes (Kuki-Zomi-Naga).

Youth cannot surrender arms

Coordination Committee of Manipur Integrity (COCOMI), a civil society group based in Imphal has said “The local youth are not willing to surrender arms as the attack by Kuki terrorist is being intensified.”

More than 4000 firearms and 2 lakh amnunition was looted from police set up, only 20% of it has been returned so far.

Home Minister Amit Shah visited the state from May 19 to June 1.

Looted arms recovered

A total of 868 arms and 11,518 amnunition have been recovered.

NEET exams were conducted on June 6 across 22 centres in Imphal West and Imphal East, it went peacefully and normal attendance of candidate was there.

 BSNL gets 89,047 crore package for 4G, 5G rolls.

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a 3rd revival package for BSNL. The state-owned operator will receive, Via equity infusion, spectrum in the 700 MHz band, the 3,300 MHz band, the 26 GHz band, and the 2,500 MHz band, the Cabinet announced.

“With this spectrum allotment, BSNL will be able to provide 4G coverage in rural and uncovered villages under various connectivity projects. Provide Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services for higher speed internet; and captive Non-public Network (CNPN)”, the govt.  said in its release.

Operating Profits

The first two revival packages for BSNL were ₹ 69,000 crore and ₹ 1.64 lakh crore, it allowed BSNL to start making profits.

Telecom market seems duopoly of JIO and AIRTEL, in face of wealoning Vodafone-India (VI). BSNL may fill the gap.

  • Protest over social media message turns violent in Kolhapur city, curfew inposed.

Certain Whatspp group messages were exposed to glorify Aurangzeb. Hindu groups has organized rally against this, but soon after the rally, few started pelting stones on muslim-shops and houses. Police had to shut down internet and impose curfew in the area.


  • Rishi Sunak goes to Washington, with Ukraine economy and AI on agenda for Biden’s meeting.

UK PM Rishi Sunak on Wednesday reached US, As UK is not part of EU anymore, the economic relation is going to be a priority.

The major issues that will be discussed are :

  • Cooperation of Ukraine
  • UK became first country recently to give Ukraine cruise missiles.
  • Economy- UK economy is facing severe problem, with recession and small growth among others.
  • AI – Regulating Artificial Intelligence (AI), about which experts are showing heavy concerns recently will be on the table.
  • Australia plans to ban Swastikas and other Nazi symbol.

Australian Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus who himself is a Jew said “There’s been a rise in this kind of violent far right activity. We think it’s time for there to be a federal law. Which I’ll be bringing to the Parliament next week.”

Over replices of Nazi Symbol

“we’ve got responsibility for import and export. We want to see an end to trading in this kind of memorabilia or any itemp0 which bear these Nazi Symbols” He said

  • Kuwait’s election brings little change to parliament or hope of overcoming years of grid lock.

Kuwait Parliament went for voting on June 6.

The result of polling for 50 members to be chosen, returned 37 of previous members. The turnout though not revealed was expected to be low.

Kuwait is only Arab country t have a democratically elected Parliament, which exert some check on ruling family.



The retention of sedition goes against the grain of current thinking.

Law commission – It’s function is t9o research and advice the government on legal reform, it is headed by  a retired Judge.

Works as an advisory body of Ministry of law and Justice.

About law Commission’s recommendation on Sedition laws.

IPC 124 A – Describes sedition It says about Punishment to speech or writing that brings or tries to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or tries to excite disaffection towards the govt established by law.

The IPC 124A provision are colonial, and was made in 1860.

SC had earlier observed that “the rigours of IPC 124A is not in true with current social milieu”.

Law Commission Report

  • Law Commission has recommended that IPC 124A be retained with some safeguard and correction.
  • It told that Just because a law is colonial it should not be scraped it gave example of several such laws working finely.
  • Its recommendation is based on various extremist, separalist movement in country. Also it says “ever profitecting social media is spreading radicolisation”.

The writer is not in concurrence with law commission and says that IPC 124A be revoked.


 Deadly Billboard : On billboards and their regulation.

  • Despite frequent accidents, there is no political will to regulate it.
  • Billboards and tragedy it causes

Billboards are large hoardings used for advertisement, mainly. Recently 3 workers died by fall of steel frame of hoarding under replacement Authorit ies told that the billboard was illegal.

Cties faces is problem of bllboards, unauthorized bill boards are increasing.

In 2008, SC ordered to remove unauthorized hoardings on building in channe.

  • Billboards causing road accidents



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