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THE HINDU  05-06-23


  • Railway Board alleges ‘Signal interference seeks CBI probe

Commissioner of Railways safety completely investigation. The Railway board has recommended a proby-by Central Bureau of investigation, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said.

“Keeping in mind the circumstances and administrative information received so far, The Railway Board in recommending CBI inquiry. For further investigation into the accident”, Mr. Vaishnav said.

The root cause of problem had                          been identified as a problem in

Electronic interlocking,the operational

signaling system, Mr. Vaishnav said.

The people responsible for the error

 had been identified.Railway Board

member Jaya Varma Sinha told that

 the injuried locopilot of Coromandal

 Express told that he got green signal

 for mainline. And digital records

show the same.

Electronic interlocking signaling system – Controlled remotely in most cases. Control resides in the section office of the railway station. Where they are supervised by the signal men, section control officer, and section control heads; the station master is prime in details.

Green signal was shown for main line still the train changed tracks due to electronic interlocking system causing train to change track which led to accident.

A senior Railway official said :

 “Signal malfunctioning is a big thing. There could be two things : either it was a sabotage or it was software or hardware malfunction. ie, if switching happened despite signal being given to main line. This mean that the signal and switching were not in sync”.

Goods train crosses ill-fated section

The first train on the section started its Journey around 10:40 PM on Sunday, 51 hours after the horrific crash.

  • Rail accident death toll lowered to 275.

Two days after a multi-train collision in Odisha’s Balashore district, On Sunday Odisha govt. put the death toll at 275, lower than the 288 declared on Saturday, saying that some bodies have been counted, twia. Out of 1175 injured 793 have been discharged so far.

  • Congress says Modi govt. ‘Proortised’ publicity over rail safety seeks Vaishnav’s resignation.
  • Panel formed to investigate ethnic Violence in Manipur.

The Centre on Sunday appointed three member commission of inquiry to investigate the ethnic violence in Manipur.

A notification by Home Ministry said “Commission shall submit its report to the Central government its report as possible but not later than six months from the date of its 1s sitting”. The panel’s HQ will be Imphal.

The panel will be headed by Ajay Lamba former Chief Justice of Gujrat High Court.

The term of reference of the commission said that it would inquire into the causes and the spread of the violence and riots ‘targetting members of different communities, the sequence of events and whether there were any lapses or dereliction of duty on part individual responsible.

  • 18% of 4,000 police arms looted in Manipur returned.

The arms were looted in two stages on May 3 – Nearly 1600 weapons were taken away.

On May 27 to 28 ahead of HM Amit Shah visit – 2,557 arms were looted. Most of it were looted from Police camps and armouries when they gheroed Police camps and armousin.

In all, 789 arms and 10,648 ammunition pieces were recovered till Sunday. Of It 202 arms, 252 ammunition and 92 bombs were recoverd after. Mr. Shah appeal to return looted weapons. Crackdown on those who has looted weapons were to begin before Sunday but political leaders have sought 3 day more time.

Currently a Buffer zone has been created between Meitie and Kuki areas. Army, CRPF and Assam rifles are patrolling there areas.

  • “Disarm Meitie’s only after cancelling pact with Kuki groups”

Hundreds of people from Meitie community held demonstration on Sunday.

  • Arunachal scraps 44 hydroelectric deal with Private players.

Arunachal Pradesh govt. has scrapped 44 hydroelectric power deals with private developers who did not show interest in execting them.

The withdrawn projects, with a total installed capacity of 32,415 mean walls, will be handed over to Central PSOs through fresh agreements.

  • Veteran Hindi and Marathi film actor SULOCHANA dies at 94.

She has done memorable roles in Aaye din Bahar ke, Majoor, Muqaddar ka Sikandar and Kati Patang.

She played Kaikeyi in Ramayana.


  • KYIV shelling forces Moscow to relocate Belogorod residents

Ukraine forces continued to shell Russia’s border region of Belgorod overnight into Sunday after two persons were killed the Previous night.

About 4000 people including 600 children have been relocated.

  • NATO Chief wrges Turkey not to Veto Sweden bid.

NATO Chief Jens sttolllenberg. On Sunday called upon Ankara to drop its opposition to Sweeden’s bid to Join NATO.

Stollenberg was in Turkey for ceremony of Endrogan taking change after winning election.

Why Turkey doesn’t agree with Sweeden bid for NATO?

Erdogan has accussed Sweeden of being a heaven of “terrorists” especially members of the Kurdistan workers Party (PKK),  a group blacklisted in Trukey and its western allies.

Kurdistan – Ethnic Kurd are dominated in area bordering Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iran and Armenia.

Large part of Turkey comes under it.

Organisation such as PKK has demand to make a separate Kurdistan comprising there areas.

Sweeden in past was supporters of Kurdistan movement. Many of Kurdish leaders line in Sweeden.

Sttollenberg said “ Sweeden has taken significant concreate steps to meet Turkey’s concern”.

For a new member to become a NATO member, it requires ament of all the Present NATO member.

Turkey has been stalling Sweeden to become NATO member in part.

NATO summit is planned in July in Lithunaian Capital Vilnius.

  • ‘NATO like’alliances could lead to conflict in ASIA-Pacific: China.

China’s defence minister warned on Sunday against establishing NATO-like millitary alliance in the Asia-Pacific saying that its would plunge the region in “Whirlpool” of conflict.

“Attempt to push for NATO-Like (alliances) in the Asia-Pacific is a way of Kidnapping regional countries and exaggerating conflicts and confronfation”. Mr. Li Shangfu told at Shangri-La Dialogues in Singapore.

  • Imran Khan likely to be tried millitary court : Pak Minister

Pakistan’s Defecne Minister Khwaja Asif has said the chances were that former PM Imran Khan could be tried in a millitary court for his alleged involvement in the May 9 incident in which millitary and state installations were attacked by his party workers.

Earlier Pakistan interior Minister Rana Sanadllah had pointed the same.


  • Saudi Arabia to cut oil output by 1 million barrels per day.

Saudi Arabian after OPEC meeting in Viena has told that it will cut production by 1 million barrel per day from July. It will bring up the slumping oil prices.

Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman said “will do whatever is necessary to bring stability to this market”

Cutting oil producting will Soar oil prices in international market. Not good for countries like U.S.




  • Courts should be wary of incremental steps to alter status of places of worst.

What the editorial is all about ?

The editorial is about recent Allahabad High Court Judgement about GyanVapi Mosque in which it allowed the Hindu to conduct daily worship in Mosque Premises.

About Gyanvapi Mosque case and Allahabad High Court Judgemen

Gyanvapi Mosque was built by braking the then kasha Vishwanath temple by Auranzeb. A part of it use to undergo weekly worship by Hindu women.

Hindu side had demanded that permission be granted to let worship be conducted daily. Its words in this regard is that Hindu used to worship daily between 1947 and 1990s. Only after Babri Masjid incident they started worshopping only weekly.

Mulim side told that it is a conspiracy to change status of Mosque, Allahabad High Court rejected Muslim side’s claims and allowed Hindu to worship at the site on daily basis.

Place of Worship Act, 1991 – It freezes the status of places of worship as they stood on 15 August, 1947.

The editorial tells that it was unfortunate that court allowed worship.



 The Thai generals should cede power without triggering chaos.

What the editorial is all about ?

In recently conducted elections in Thailand Move Forward Party (MFP) emerged as largest party. The editorial discumes the challenges faced by MFP leader to form govt.

About Thai election results ?

May 14 – Election result announced.

Major Parties

Move Forward Party (MFN)                   Pheu Thai

Leader – Pita Limjarerat                           Thaksin Sinwatra

Seats – 152                                                  141

MFN and Pheu Thai presents possible collision to form govt. other parties which won are in favour of millitary dictator presently ruling Thailand.

MFN and allies has a majority of 309 in 500 member elected house.

Thailand has a Bicameral parliament. One house has 500 membe while 2nd house has 250 members. Out of total 750 members 250 is appointed by millitary.

            MFN and allies will need 376 seats to form govt.

  • Political instability in Thailand :-

In 2014 in a coup army took power Election were conducted in 2020, but army dismissed its results and prisoned major leaders.

Millitary should let the democratic process of forming govt go and hand over admin to democratically formed govt.


  • Understanding the KAVACH  System


The KAVACH is indigenously developed Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system. The Traffic collision Avoidance System (TCAS) with the help of equipment on locomotive andtransmission towers can auto-matically apply brakes when two trains come on same

tracks in opposite direction

or in same  direction.A minimum

boom distance is Required  to

 apply KAVACH .

KAVACH deployment Strategy

The first priorty have been Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah routes. South Central Railway has been Pioneer in deploying KAVACH. It has been deployed in 1465 km of SCR.

            KAVACH was not deployed on the routes of Balashore train accident. Though KAVACH could not have  protected the accident, as distance between Coromandal Express and goods train are Just 120 km.

  • Why does North Korea wants a spy

Satellite ?

On May 31, North Korea launched

a spy satellite with help of new

rocket Chomilla-1. The rocket

 flew for about 10 minutes

before crashing in yellow sea.

About North Korean space programme

North Korea launched its 1st satellite in 2012. It has developed ICBM power. The rocket cased for the recen spy satellite launch was the new one.

North Korea is increasing spy cababilities, one of the reason being absences of South Korea and USA. US and South Korea recently signed agreement according to which US will deploy submarires in Korean waters. US has alos millitary base in South Korea.




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