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THE HINDU 06-06-23

  • Railways to secure signaling equipment with double locks.

Days after Balasore accident, Railways has called to revamp safety.

  • A Circular has been issued by executive director, safety of Railway Board directing railway stations to launch a month long safety drive to ensure that goomties within the Railway Station are provided with double locks.
  • Relay room goomties are sensitive installation that controls the signals, and the interlocking system at railway station, where the station master has one key and signal maintainer the other.
  • Arrangement will be made so that a SMS is generated upon opening or closing of relay rooms.

The dual lock access control is to ensure that standard safety guidelines are followed while accessing signaling equipment.

  • 51 hours after accident, services resume on Howrah-Chennai line.

Train services resumed on the bary Howrah-Chennai main line, 51 hours after the accident at Bahanga Station in Balasore, Odisha.
Track were relaid for few hundred meters. So goods trains were passed first and then passenger trains were given permission. Still the speed of train is being kept low, while passing the area.

  • IRCTC walks extra mile to facilitate insurance settlements.

There who book e-ticket through IRCTC, are given a default online insurance option by paying 35 paise premium.
Liberty General Insurance Ltd and SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd has ties with IRCTC in this regard about 54% of those who book online ticket opt for insurance option.
In case of accidents family of dead is paid ₹ 10 lakh, while those injured are compensated as per policy conditions.
IRCTC has shared the details of Victims who died  in Odisha train accident to insurance companies to facilitate them process claim.
Death Certificates are required in such cases by insurance companies but data of deceased and those injured by Odisha govt. will be enough to settle claims.

  • CBI looks into crime, not Railway accidents, congress president Mallikarjuna Kharge.

Centre has given CBI to enquire Odisha train accident.
s          Odisha train accident was caused because signaling and electronic interchange system being not in sync.
Signal System showed Green signal for main Line.
But, electronic inter-
Change System which Changes tracks changed it towards loop line.
This is a major flaw; causing accident. There are electronically managed, and hence there is possibility that someone changed electronic configuration that caused accident.
Govt. looks a conspiracy, thats why CBI inquiry has been ordered by PMo.
Opposition leader and Congress President has wrote to PM telling that CBI inquiry was not required and govt. is trying to cover up the failure.

  • Services PMI signals sustained Growth Pace.

PMI – Purchasing Managers Index is an index which shows business activity in manufacturing and services.
Service sector output grew at 2nd fastest pace in 13 years in May, as per S &  P Global India services.
PMI Business activity index, which cased 61.2 from 62 in April.
This has increased new job that was the highest so far in 2023.

  • Mansoon stares at a cyclone threat.

Indian Metrological Department (IMD) on Monday predicted formation of a cyclone in Arabian sea. It said “A cyclonic circulation lies over Southeast Arabian sea. Under its influence a ‘low pressure area’ is likely to form….. during next 24 hours. It is likely to move nearly northeast and intensity into a “depression” (in) Southeast and adjoining east. Central Arabian sea during subsequent 48 hours.
“If it moves along the Western Coast. It will push the mansoon system upwards But if it turns, then it will further take away moisture and stall monsoon. We must wait and watch what happened” a person of IMD said.
IMD had predicted June 4 as the arrival of Monsoon in Kerala, but it has delayed.

  • Wrestlers resume duty with Railways, say protest to go on.

Two days after meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah, wrestlers Sakshi Malik, Vinesh Phogat and Bajrang Punia resumed their duties with indian Railways. They rubbished reports that they had withdrawn their protests, Sakshi Malik told there was no solation to the meeting with HM Amit Shah.
“In this fight we have neither stepped back nor have moved away, we are going to remain here, till our demands are met, till Justice is served and till all girl feel safe” Ms. Malik said.
Media reports had also emerged claiming that Minor had withdrawn her FIR. Over this Minor’s Father told that it was false news and that they are still part of  agitation.

  • NIRF : IIT Madras retains-number one spot.

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) announced India Rankings 2023 of higher educational institutions.
IIT Madras remains best institution overall for fifth consecutive term. Miranda House, Delhi was ranked best college.
IIM Ahmedabad, best Management institute.
AIIMS Delhi, PGIMER Chandigarh ranked 1 and 2 in Medical College.

  • Draft of Cybersecurity outlined for G-20 countries.

India has prepared draft cybersecurity agreement named “Delhi Declaration”. It adopted by G-20 countries it will bird. G-20 countries to “not damage critical infrastructure or other essential system, commit to co-operate, mitigate etc”

  • Russia claims it thwarted Ukraine’s attack

Kyiv rejects disinformation Russian authorities has claimed that on Monday. Russian defences beat back the Ukrainan advances in Russian occupied Zaporizhizha province.
Russian defence minister also clamied that it pushed back a “large scale” assault on Sunday at five points in eastern Donetsk region.
Ukraine authorities however has called it misinformation, and has not confirmed there.
There is speculation that Ukrainan forces are preparing for wide anticipated counter offensive.
A Video released by Ukrainan defence minister showed Ukrainan soldiers keeping finger to their lips in a sign to keep quiet. “Plans love silence” it says on screen, referring to counter offensive. “There will be no announcement of the start.”

  • After 7 year gap, Iran set to reopen embassy in Riyadh.

Iran’s embassy in Riyadh, its cosulate office in Jeddah and representative office to OIC will be opened on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Aliereza Erayti, previous Iran’s ambassador to Kuwait will be the new ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia had stopped its diplomatic ties with Iran in 2016.
In March, 2023 A Chinese meditated truce between Iran and Saudi Arabia resumed diplomatic ties.
Saudi Arabia is yet to announce its plan for embassy opening in Tehran.

  1. Riyadh
  2. Jeddah
  3. Tehran


  • US releases video showing close call in Taiwan Strait with Chinese destroyer.

US millitary released a video showing unsafe maneuovre of Chinese ship in Taiwan strait.
The inciden occurred on Saturday when US and Candanian ships were conducting the so called “freedom of navigation” terrorist of the strait between Taiwan and mainland China. A Chinese destroyer came in  way of US destroyer and US ship had to slow down to avoid collision.
China clamis Taiwan as its own territory and Taiwan strait as its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
US ships regularly sail through and fly over the passage.

  • Two years old Palestinian shot by Israeli troops in West bank dies.

A Palestinian toddlers was shot dead by Israeli troops on west Bank died on Monday.
Israeli Military has said that they opened fire after the gunmer in the area shot at nearby Jewish settlement.
The Father has said that they just had buckled up in car and about to go to an Uncle’s house.

  • Defying Meredis and Hamas, say rights activities march through Jerusalem.

On June 1, LGBT parade in Jerusalem which saw participation of around 10,000 people passed peacefully. Organization such as Humas and Israeli right wing had called for obsturction and.
Tragic Track
The Railways must not loose its focus as its expands its services.

  • What the editorial is all about ?

The editorial is about recent Balasore tran accident that caused 275 deaths. The editorial talks that safety needs to be paramount in wake of expanding Railway.

  • About Indian Railways

Nearly 15 million passengers travel daily. Pre pandemic it was 23 million passengers daily. India has ambitious plan to improve it railway infrastructure.
This year budget saw ₹ 2.4 lakh crore expenditure for Railway budget.
In 2021, PM Modi announced 75 Vande Bharat trains in 75 weeks. Many of it has already been inaugurated.

  • About Balasore accident :

Failure in electronic signally system is the cause, however sabotage in this matter has not been written off and govt. has given orders for CBI enquiry.
Few days earlier a similar accident was averted by alerthen of Locopilot near Hordurga Road station in Mysore division.
Railways need to rectify system faults, sensitize staff for not venturing into shortcuts, look into maintainance of tracks, overstretched staff problem.
Eye on Oil
India must bring pump prices of petrol and diesel in line with global oil prices

  • What the editorial is all about ?

The editorial is about recent OPEC meeting, in which OPEC countries agreed on production cuts.
It talks how the decision will affect global and Indian oil prices.

  • What decision were taken in OPEC meeting ?

On Sunday OPEC countries took following major decisions :

  • To extendproduction cuts into 2024 to keep oil prices from falling amid global economic slowdown.
  • Saudi Arabia ‘volunatarity vowed to reduce output by an extra.




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