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Chandrayaan -3 in Lunar Orbit

ISRO on Saturday completed the Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) to successfully put the Chandrayaan 3 spececraft into the moon’s orbit .The insertion was done at 7:12 PM of IST , as said by ISRO . The spacecraft will carry out four maneuvers to enter final orbit of at a distance of around 100 km from the moon’s surface .The fist if these maneuvers is scheduled to take place at 11 :00 PM on August . The lander is expected to touchdown

On 23 Rd August .  This far only three countries US , Russia and China have successfully softanded on moon.

Leaders detained in J&K as dilution of Article 370 completes four years .

PDP ‘s Mahbooba Mufti and many other leaders has been detained . Offices of National Conference have been sealed as well .

            LG Manoj Sinha lauded the change in recent years after abrogation of Article 370 with “people living freely after so many decades ” .


Five killed in Fresh violence in Manipur

In fresh violence near the borders of Churachandpur and Bishnupur in Manipur have seen heavy in which 3 Meitie men were heckled to death by armed miscreants while two kooki men died in armed fighting.

A video also came where Assam Rifles blocke movement of Manipur Police in Bishnupur district , Manipur police is seen accusing Assam rifles of supporting Meities .

Stalin Condemns Amit Shah ‘s Push for

acceptance of Hindi

Mr Shah in Parliamentary committee on official language on Friday had said that Hindi should finally be accepted without opposition . He further said that Hindi had no compt with local languages , and National would be empowered by promoting all languages .

” TamilNadu rejects any form of Hindi hegemony and imposition . Our languages and heritage defines us – We won’t be enslaved by Hindi .” Stalin said .

Doval in Jeddah for two day peace conference in on Ukraine
Peace conference is being hosted by Saudi Arabia price Mohammad Bin Salman .

US NSA Jake Sullivan , Chinese special envoy Li Hui will be participating . Ukrainian Presidential Advisor Yermik will be partict from Ukraine side , Russia has not been invited but it has said that it will ” keep an eye ” on the proceeding .

                       “The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) looks forward that this meeting contributes to reinforcing dialogue and cooperation through deliberations at the international level on the ways to ensure a solution for the crisis through political and diplomatic means and in a way that strengthens international peace and security, sparing the world further humanitarian, security, and economic repercussions of the crisis,” the official Saudi press Agency said .

Wooing Global South :

The conference is expected to make pitch to Global South countries including India , Brazil ,South Africa and Mexico that this far kept a ” neutral stance ” to take a keener interest in Pushing for an end of conflict that began in February 2022 .

” India’s participation is in consonance with our long standing position that , that dialogue and diplomacy is the way forward ” MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said on Thursday .


Seeking G20 consensus

NSA will meet his counterparts .

While  the Jeddah meet is focussed on Future of Ukriane conflict . New Delhi has also been keen to bring all sides together declaration in G20 to be held in September .

New Ukrainian envoy Polishchuk  to arrive in New Delhi on August 8 .

Ukrianian envoy position has been vancant . The new envoy Major General  Oleksander Polishchuk is scheduled to arrive on August 8 and take charge hence . Polish chuk is  a retired army Officer .

                  Earlier this week India handed over two batches of humanitarian aid to Ukraine . The consignment contains 3 batches of Humanitarian aid .


Organ shortage continues to cost live :

Ministry of health data recorded a total 16, 041 donations in 2022  , in 2014 this number was 6916 . Though numbers have increased it is not with lace of Demand .

3 lakhs patients are in waiting and 20 patients are dying daily waiting for organ . Data shows India’s poor record in Cadaver donations .

Cadaver means dead body , one cadaver can save upto eight lives. Two donated kidneys can save two patients from dialysis treatment . One liver donar can help two patients . One tissue donor – someone who can donate tendons , tendons , cartilage connective tissue , skin, corneas , sclera can save lives of as many as 75 people .

Ministry data shows largest no of deceased  organ donors were from Telangana , Tamil Nadu , Karnataka , Gujrat , and Maharashtra . The most number of deceased donors were reported from Delhi NCR , Tamil Nadu, Kerala Maharashtra , and West Bengal .


Unaccompanied in Mecca : Women pilgrims recall a fulfilling journey .

A year after Saudi Arabia lifted ban on women without Mahram ( a male relative ) to embark on Hajj .  About 4314 Muslim women from India traveled in their own . Air India to embark this moment arranged special flight with all female crew in board .

Imran Khan gets 3 year jail term in Gift case

Former Pak PM Imran Khan got arrested on Saturday after a trial court found him guilty of ” ” offence of corrupt practices ” in state gifts ( Toshakhana ) case . He has been sentenced for 3 years and fined 1,00,000 Pakistani Rupees .

The additional sessions judge said Mr

 Khan ” cheated while providing information about gifts he obtained from Toshakhana which later proved to be false and inaccurate. His dishonesty has been established beyond doubt”.

                     Mr. Khan is accused of misusing his tenure from 2018 to 2022 to buy and sell gifts in state possession that were received during visits abroad and were worth more than Rs. 140 million.


Ukrainian drones hit Russian ship in yet another sea attack :

Ukrianian  drones on Monday hit a Russian Tanker in Black sea near Crimea late night on Friday . Ukrianian officials confirmed this . A sea drone , filled with 450 kg of TNT was used in this . Kremlin official without naming any drone attack told that several members of crew were wounded because of broken glass .

              Black sea region has increased conflict recektly . In a first attack on Russian Port Novorossiyk was hit by Ukrainian drones  two day ago .

Fate of millions : Ukrianian President Zelensky praised Saudi Arabia for the recent conference ” I am grateful to Saudi Arabia for the platform for this negotiation.” He called that fate of millions has been in danger after drones hit Russian port .


Lula to host S.American meet to save the Amazon.

Brazilian president Luiz Inaction Da Silva will host a regional summit next week to save the world’s biggest rainforest . Meeting of eight nations Amazon Corporation. Treaty Organization will be held on Wednesday in Belem capital of  Amazon state of Para . Belem will host COP-30 UN climate talks in 2025 .

The other group members are –Bolivia , Columbia , Ecuador , Guyana , Peru , Suriname and Venezuela . The summit will conclude with a future declaration expected to ” set an Agenda to guide the countries in the coming years ” , Brazilian Foreign Ministry said .                      Amazon rainforest with hundred of billions of Carbon absorbing trees , is a key buffer against f global warming But scientist has warned that deforestation. Is pushing it to a ” tipping point ” . beyond which trees would die of , resulting in catastrophic consequences for the climate .

Wildfire on Spain France border :

Firefighters have evacuated more than 130 people as they fought on Saturday to control a wildfire which ” remains active ” at Portbou of the Spanish border with Spanish border with France on the Mediterranean coast 

Pressure on Niger coup as leaders deadline near

Economic Community of West African States ( ECOWAS) is a regional political and economic union of West African nation .Niger is a part of it . ECOWAS bloc had given deadline till 6 th August to reverse the coup in Niger or face military intervention .

With deadline nearing Military Chiefs of ECOWAS has said that they have agreed a plan for possible intervention .

  However military Junta of Niger and few other countries controlled by Military like Mali and Burkina Faso has told that it would meet force by force .

Russia too has warned against any outside intervention in current situation . Currently 1500 French and 1000 US soldiers are in the country , while a around 1000 Wagner group members are present in Niger .


Storm Doksuri ; at least 30 dead , 18 missing in Nothern China floods .

Why are Rohini Panel Findings in Important

The story so far :.

Justice Rohini led commission was formed in 2017 for  ,regarding sun categorisation of OBC groups .On July 31 the commission submitted its report to President of India .


What has commission examined :
Commision examined about condition of different communities under Central OBC list which contains 2600 caste groups . The outcomes in committee report

     27% reservation lie is dominated by a a small group of castes .

     The commission recommends OBC list in different subcategories and giving reservation benefit most to which stell are pretty underdeveloped .

     Rohini commission was also given task to Rationalise OBC list


What is date Protection Bill 2023

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