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     Many killed In riots in Manipur , govt issue shoot-at-sight

  In Manipur  clashes broke out between MEITEI community
and scheduled tribe mainly KUKI-ZOMI on Wednesday

There is no  official  confirmation of number
of people died though CM

Biran Singh admitted “some precious lives were lost “
Hundreds of house , churches ,  temples, and
vehicles were vandalized or set ablaze a cross the five district :-Imphal,Churachandpur,Bishnupur,Kangpokpi and Tengnopal  curfew continue in some district while
internet service were suspended.

CM Biren Singh briefed the situation to Home Minister Amit
Shah shoot at sight order “in extreme cases whereby all forms of persuasion, warning reasonable force etc has been exhausted”

Military and Rapid  Action Force (RAF) has been deployed in addition to army , Assam Riffles and Police.

Why riots broke

·       Meltie tribe is the larget tribe of Manipur ,making around 53%of population .

Meltie are mostly Hindus and comes under Schedule cast and OBC

 There has been damaged from Melties from
decades that the be given schedule Tribe (ST) state

                    This damages is being opposed by ST groups KUKI ZONE tribes

  Hill administrative council (HAC) had rejected demand of Meitic group to give themST state.

Meities went to Manipur High court directed the state govt to submit recommendation to
include Meite to ST list to Union Tribeal Minister by may 29

On Wednesday Tribal solidarity  march was
conducted by Tribal groups which were against ST state for Meities  Violence after this. In many way incidence a
group of Meitie tribe attacking ST; burning homes etc

Description: C:UsersWINDOWDownloadsWhatsApp Image 2023-05-05 at 1.01.10 PM.jpegCongresshas accused BJP led divisive policies for right in Manipur

 Jai Shankar discuss LAC with QIN  holds talksith LAVROU , put not Bhutto

         Foreign Ministers of SC countries ,including Russia, china and  Pakistan  has arrived. External Affairs Ministers S. Jai Shankar on Thursday hold talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang. The 3 years old military stand off at the line of actual control(LAC) remained the focus of India –china talks s EAM net with Qin Gang last time the two headers had met during G-20 meetings in Delhi in march.

 Mr Jai Shankar  also met with Russian Foreign Ministers Sergei Lavroy and Uzbekistan counterpart Bakhtiyor Saidov. However no bilateral meeting was held between Pakistan Foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto and S. Jai Shankar .

           “ A detailed discussion with state councilor and FM Qin Gang of china on bilateral relationship   . (The) focus remains on resolving
outstanding issues and ensuring peace and transbilities in border  ares. Also discussed  SCO,G20 and BRICS”. Mr S. Jai Shankar  tweeted.

SCO Ministers meet today to discuss economic ties

The issue that will be focused on
SCO meet :

·      Stages of discussion that will be approved in SCO July
(Head of State ) meet will be discussed.

·      Economic and cultural relation between the members
will be in focus

·     Payment in national currencies in mutual trade will be
discussed .

·      Induction of Iran and Balras SCO will also be

SCO MEMBER – India ,Pakistan Russia, china, Tajikistan
,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan ,Kyrgyzstan

·       Turkistan is
not a member of SCO

·      India became SCO member in 2017.

·      Iran and Belarus are observer state. They are next to
be inducted in SCDescription: C:UsersWINDOWDownloadsWhatsApp Image 2023-05-05 at 2.25.37 PM.jpegStop caste census immediately, High court tells Bihar govt

   Patna High court on Thursday ordered stay on  the caste  based census     being conducted by the Nitish Kumar govt.

The court directed the govt to immediately stop survey and ensure. The data should not be shared with anyone till final orders are passed ,the court said .

            “ prima facia , we are of the opinion that the state has no power to carry  out caste based survey , in the manner which is fashioned now which would amount the census , thus impinging upon the legislative power of the union  govt.” the HC said.

          The 1st phase of caste survey was carried out between January 7 and January 21 . 2nd phase begins on April 15 and was supposed to end on 15 May .

Supriya sule front runner as NCP panel meets today to pick new chief quite for future
of party says Pawar 

Sharad pawar’s  daughter is more likely to be as next NCP chief on Friday , NCP panel will meet to choose new NCP chief Congren and Shiv Sena (BST)



has favored Supriya Sule among others . Ajit Pawar nephew of Sharad Pawar is also in race.

               2 days ago Sharad Pawar had resigned as chief of NCP , he had told that the party need face.

SC closes wrestlers case ; police promises can impartial  probe

3 judge bench of SC observed that wrestlers had moved the court to seek registration of an FIR. And it has been now they should go local court and it has been done. Now they should go local court and high court .

 Two FIR have been registered by  Delhi  police so far in this. “we are doing our best . it will completely independent and impartial investigation, there is no reasons for any particular to come (SC). That will not serve the ends of justice” . solicitor General  Tushar

Mehta from Delhi police side told.

India ,Russia said no suspend talks settle trade in rupees

India and Russia have settled talks to settle trade I Rupees . Russia believes that it will end in an annual surplus of over $ 40 billion by this .

Now an increasing amount of trade is being settled in UAE  Dirham 

·      It is  a major setback  for the importers of cheap crude

·      India’s low share in global trade Rupees lack of fuel
convertibility seen as factors against lower convertibility

                          The information has been gained by sources and govt officails.


   Russia BLAMES us FOR
Drone hit white house denies charges:-

 Russia on Thursday accused the US of mastering
a drone attack on the Kremlin .

Krenlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskey said “ Decision on such attacks are made in

             However US has  denied the charges white house National
Securities Council spokesperson John Kirloy told” we had nothing to do with
this “

“Peskov is just lying there , pure and simple “ he said      

                    Peskov said that security
in Moscow has been beefed  up.


Ukrainian P0resident Vladmir Zelensky  on
Thursday in his speech titled “No peace without justice for Ukrain”, accused
Putins of war  crimes Mr Zelensky said
that Putins “ Deserve to be sentenced for there criminal action”

Sudan true efforts in tatters as fighting rages.

 Gunfire and explosion gripped
Khartown for a 20th straight day on Thursday leaving the latest
ceasefire effort in tatters. A day after UN Chief  Antonio Guetteras said that International
Community had failed Sudan.

      Sudan ceasefire expired on Wednesday army
said that he will follow seven day ceasefire further but RSF HAS NOT REPONDED

EX- Procal Boys leader guilty of  Jan 6 sedition plot

   On Jan 6 2021 a group of Trump
supporters had rocked CAPITOL HILSS (US parliament)  Proced Boys was the main participants in that

Court on
Thursday convicted Enrique Tarrio for plotting attack on capitol hill on Jan 6
2021 .

The charges
carries  a prison sentence for 20 years.

v   3 wanted Palestinians killed in raid says Iran

v   UK’s small wars of ‘harel’ test in first electrol test with voters

    The survey conducted  showed that voters were worried about rising

China based networks showing dis-information  in west : Meta

Facebook owner Meta has said that A china based Online
network tried to recruit protester in Europe 
and set up a media firms in Britain as part of disinformation complain.


Floods, landslips in  Rwanda kill over 130

thousands left homies

vErdogen turns against LBTQ in run-up to  gracial vote on May 14


                 Editorial 1

             Buoyancy Check

Service sector’s resilience may be tested as global
damaged wols

 Ø              What is editorial is all about

Recently released PMI Business activities Index  By S&P Global Services has gave India’s  consumers services finace and communication
ranking of 62 highest in 13 years .

shows strong  performance of service
sector led by exports. But the forecast is showing global demand to decrease.
It will be test of India,s service sector

Ø  What does S&P pmi business activities
index tell?

PMI- Purchasing Manager Index.

An index that measures the months-over-months change
in economic avtivity.

   S & P

Global Services


PMI Business Activity Index    → 62 
India (April)  Highest in 13 years


PMI                                        →       Average (2022-23)       = 57.3

The index include → consumer services, finance and


In 2022-23              


GVA in  industry
→ 4.14%


In 2021-22      


GVA in  industry
→ 9.1%

                                             GVA in 
services → 6.7%

                                            GVA →
Gross Value Addition

Ø Growth in
services export

Service export in 2022-23 → $325 billion (28%)↑

Service export has helped india to better its balance
of payment (BOP) which is still negative.

BOP – balance of payment

Export                     –                     import

(goods+ services)                      (goods+ services)


Global slowdown in major marks for india’s IT
dominated global exports, flurry of crises US and European union is facing may
hamper services exports. It will test its resilience in warming months

                                Editorial 2

time out

convicts of the Bilkis  Bano case are
using delay as an end

What is editorial is all about

In Bilkis
Bano case, where 11 convicts ere released after years of jail in life
prisonment case. SC recently told govt. that it was using technique to delay
the proceedings.

What SC observed in Bilkis Bano

K.M. Joseph remarked that it was more than obvious  that there was an attempt to avoid his bench.
He further adjourned it  will July,.
Justice K.M. Joseph will retire before July.

Timeline of the case

In  aftermath of
Godhra riot. A trial court in 2008 confided 11 members of gang raping Bilkis
Bano and murdering his family members. They were sentenced to life term

In 2022 Gujarat govt released 11 convicted cutting
good conduct.

Bilkis Bano went to SC. SC earlier had asked govt for
document regarding release of the convicts . the govt  did not present its citing more time.SC on
this earlier had rapped govt.

The ways govt is acting seems clear that it wants to
buy more time



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