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Nobel Prize 2023 in Physics

Pierre Agnisthi , Franc Krausz , and Anne d Hailleier have been awarded 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics for enabling Attosecond technology Research using ultra quick flashes of light that enable study of electrons inside the atoms and molecules .

Objects that is too fast to be photographed end up producing the image of band the of light . An extremely fast strobe light can make the object look like it has frozen in time , Attosecond light pulses work by the same principle .

Opening up a world of phenomena once thought to be impossible to see .

Mr. Agostoni is professor at Ohio University USA , Mr. Krausz is director at Max Planck institute Germany , while .Ms L huiller is from Lund University Sweden .


NewsClick founder arrested under UAPA

On Monday Delhi Police arrested under aUAPA Prabir Purkayastha , founder and editor of Chief of NewsPirta. NewsClick  and it’s human resource head Amit Chakraborty .

DCP Suman Nalwa said that 46 ” suspected a ” were questioned , their phones , devices , seized for further examination .

Proceedings were on and two person have been arrested this far , Police raided homes offices of Journalist , anchors , satirist associated with Newsclick .

Journalists were also asked questions about Delhi’s communal riots and CAA agitation of 2019 – 2020 , and whether the use of encrypted messaging g application such as Signal .

On August 8 , the New York Times published a report that NewsClick received money from American businessman Nevllie Roy Singham to spread Chinese propaganda .

Turdeau says Canada not trying to escalate diplomatic crisis

On tuesday it was looked by Foreign Medoa reported that India has asked 41 Candainan diplomats to leave country by October 10 . India has cited parity in no of diplomats ,.means India and Canada both should have same no of diplomats

 Currently there are 62Canadian diplomats in India while there are only 21 Indian diplomats in Canada . The report was published in Financial Times citing information received from sources . The newspaper also told that India has threatened to withdraw immunity if they failed to leave ther country within given time period .

Candainan President Justin Turdeau told on Tuesday that Canada was not trying to ” escalate ” the diplomatic crisis with India and described the current pahse of relation with New Delhi ” extremely Challenging ” .

” Obviously we are going through extremely Challenging phase of relation right now ” .

He said in to Toronto Sun Newspaper .

Echoing the PM’s remark Canadian foreign Minister Melaine Joly said ” Canada wished to have strong diplomatic footprint in India.” .

Toilet use declining in India since 2018-19 : WB paper

A departmental working paper on Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen ( SBM G ) has found that despite breathtaking gians under SBMG in intial elyears after 2014 in use of toilets , the trend has been declining since 2018-19 , report says with largest drop among scheduled castes and scheduled tribe .socio economic group .

Govt claims that India is open defecation free and that it has built over 100 million. Toilets . The paper also said that most low income states were among the best performers in terms of their overall  increase in regular use of toilets and the performance of richer states were mixed .


After election Muizzu repeats his promise of ousting Indian forces

The President elect of the Maldives has reiterated his poll promise that he will  keep his poll promise to move Indian Military Personal deployed in Maldives out of Archipelago .

While speaking to his supporters outside his home to celebrate his victory told ” people has told us that they don’t want foreingn military here ” .

Mr Muizzu poll camapingned was focussed on ” India out ‘

Outgoing President Mohammad Solih has insisted that Indian military presence in the island was to build a dockyard under an agreement and sovereignty of nation has not been violated .

The number of Indian Military personals on Maldives is still not clear , they operate Indian donated helicopters , aid in search and rescue operations their .

Armenia’s parliament votes to join ICC , straining ties with ally Russia

Armenian Parliament voted on Tuesday to join International Criminal Court ( ICC) , a move to further straining  countries ties with its old ally  Russia . Armenia told that Putin will not be arrested if he arrives to Armenia .  Officials said that Armenia’s decision to join ICC is based on threat from Azerbaijan .

ICC has declared Russian President Vladimir Putin a war Criminal over deportation of Children from Ukraine . Any signatories of ICC will is obliged to arrest Putin once he sets foot over it’s territory .

Kremlin spolesperson Dmitry Peskov called the Armenian decison to join ICC ” incorrect ” . It will raises  ” additional questions”  even though Armenia is ”  our  ally  , a friendly state  , partner ,  a friendly state , our partner and a lot unite us with brotherly Armenian people ” he said .

Historically Armenia has been a Russian ally since fall of USSR in

Armenia however has told that Putin won’t

International Criminal Court has issued a arrest warrant for Putin over Ukaine war.

Xi applauds Muizzu , vows to deepen ties with Maldives

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday pledged to deepen bilateral relations with Maldives . He congratulated Mohammad Muizzu for winning presidential elections . Election campaign of Mohammad Muizzu was based on  deepening ties with China .

In his message Xi said that China and Maldives enjoys long history of friendly exchanges .

Mr. Xi who visited Maldives in 2014 and announced several investment projects under China’s Belt and Road Initiative .


Shot in the Arm

Success of CoVID 19 m RNA vaccines picked the Nobel winners this year

The editorial is about recent winner of Nobel Prize 2023 in Medicine . Kataline Kariko and Drew Wesissmam received the prize for their work that lead the development of mRNA vaccine . It was a right decisions as it has helped mankind at this time of CoVID.

Ms Weismann became only the 13 th woman to win the prize .

All vie for the cup

India , as the host , carries the weight of expectation in ICC World Cup

The editorial is about Cricket World 2023 , that will commence on 5 th October . Indianhas hosted world cup even earlier but it had co hosts as other countries of subcontinent , but it is the only first time when India is only host .

Ahmedabad will host final in Ahmedabad , Mumbai and Kolkata will only play second fiddle .The other cities that will host the event is Bengluru , Delhi , Dharmshala , Lucknow and Chennai .

India’s Chances :— Chances of India is good


 For the last three times the host nation is winning the world cup . India will not have much extra pressure . Rohit Sharma , Subhaman Gill and Virat Kohli forms the core of batting that will be followed by Shreyas Aiya , KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya . Bowling will play huge role with Jasprit Bumrah and Kuldeep Yadav being the main bowlers .

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