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THE HINDU 03-06-23

  • To killed in Odisha train accident

At least 70 passengers were feared dead and more than 350 injured in a major rail accident involving two express trains and a good train in Balasore district of Odisha.
The accident took place at 7 PM on Friday, When two coaches of YASHWANTPUR. Howrah express 12864 derailed. The derailed coaches toppled towards adjoining track and hit the speeding 12841 COROMANDAL Express coming from opposite direction. This  led derailment of 17 coaches of Coromandal  Express. The derailed coaches hit the wagon of a good train. Odisha Chief Secretary said.
Coromandal Express – Shalimar (Kolkata) to Chennai.
Rescue operation care on Three            NDRF teams are working at the train crash site. While 6 are being rushed to the spot.
It carriest stretches, gas and
plasma cutters, first aid kits
and other equipment, beside
sniffer dogs, heavy lift oranes
are being brought in by Odisha govt.

  • Begin talk with Wrestlers or face agitation from June 9, Khap leaders warn Centre

A mahapanchayat was held in Kurukshtra, Haryana in which Khap leaders from Haryana, Western UP and Delhi Paticipated.
It told that govt. has time till 9 June to resolve matter or they will accompany Wrestling to resume their protest at Jantar Mantar.

  • PM Modi invited to address Joint session of Congress in US

PM Modi has been invited to address Joint session of U.S Congress on June 22, during his state visit to U.S, PM Modi had addressed it in 2016.

  • MEA requests China to facilitate presence of Indian Journalists

India has called on China to “facilitate the continued presence of Indian Journalists working and operating from China” in the wake up of BeJing revoking the credentials of three Indian Journalists since April.
New Delhi also said that “all foreign Journalists including Chinese Journalists have been pursuing Journalistic activation in India without any limitation or difficulties in  reporting or doing media coverage”.
On Wednesday Chinese Foreign ministry spokeperson Mao Ning had told that number of Chinese Journalists to India was “about to drop to zero” amid string of mutual expulsion.
BeJing accussed India of not renewing the VISA.

  • Currently India issues only 3 month visa to Chinese Journalist. China demanded that VISA of at least one year period should be issued.
  • It also told that at least half a dozen Chinese Journalists should be given Journalist VISAS.

China told  that it wants normal Journalistic relation with India but it had to take mutual expulsion as India denied VISAS and only one Chinese Journalist is now in India.
Since April 2023, China has expelled 3 Indian Journalist from reporting in China and only one Indian Journalist is currently working in China.
During Press conference MEA spokesperson also cited several difficulties face by Indian Journalist in China.

  • “Indian Journalist in China face difficulties, such as not being permitted to hire locals as correspondents or Journalists.”
  • Also “Indian Journalists also face several restriction while getting access and travelling locally.”
  • New guidelines for deemed universities are ‘light but tight’ says UGC Chairman

UGC has changed its eligibility to grant university “deemed university” status under university Grant commissions (Instituions Deemed to be Universities) Regulation, 2023.
It replaces UGC (Institution deemed to be Universities) Regulation, 2019.
UGC (Institution deemed to be Universities) Regulation, 2019 – Higher education institutions having “existence for not less than 20 years” were eligible for applying for “Deemed University” status.
UGC (Institution deemed to be Universities) Regulation, 2023 – NAAC ‘A’ grade with at least 3.01 CGPA for three consecutive cycles OR NBA accredation for two third of eligible programmes for three consecutive cycles
in the top 50 of any specific category of NIRF for the last 3 years continuously.
In top 100 of overall NIRF Ranking for last 3 years continuously.

National Assessment and Accredation Council (NAAC) – It assess and acreedit higher educational imtitestions. It has ratings A++, A+, A, B++, B+, B, C, D.
National Board of Accredation (NBA) – NBA accredity technical programmes such as engineering, management.
Natioanl Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) – It is ranking methodology to rank Higher education institutes.

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan while releasing new set of guidelines for deemed Universities said that Centre’s plan was to encourage universities to focus on quality and excellence, strengthen and research ecosystem and have a long term impact on transforming the higher education landscape.
Deemed University – These have more autonomy than other universities. Also funds are higher. In a these are autonomous.

  • India remains committed to ensure return of Ariha Shah to her parents stresses government.

Ariha Shah is a told her of age around 2 and half years. Her parents were living in Germany when she was seven months old. German authorities took Ariha Shah and put her to child protestion services citing that Ariha was physically closed.
Dhara and Bhavesh Shah are currently living in Mumbai and are parnets of Ariha. They have requested Indian govt to bring Ariha back to India.
On Friday MEA spokesperson told “we are dismayed to learn that the child was ubrustly shifted away from her current faster parent to a specialized faster care arrangement. The manner in which this shift was carried out is a matter of concern”.
He told that Indian embassy has repeatedly sought consular access to the child and “cultural immersion” for Mr. Shah at Indian cultural centre in Berlin.
German embassy in India has declined to speak. Sources said “With the court process continuing, it is not likely that baby will return to India in the near future”.

  • Mural in new Parliament shows Ashoka empire : govt.

A mural in Indian Parliament triggered controversy in Nepal and Pakistan as it was being as ‘Akhand Bharat’ showing India and neighbouring states Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan in it.
Replying over this India’s MEA spokesperson ArvidamBugchi
said “The mural represents
Ashoka empire and the idea of
Responsible and people oriented
Governance that her (Ashoka)
Adopted and Propagated”. “That
What the Plague in front of mural

  • Day after Shah’s appeal more than 140 weapons surrendered.

Meitie groups had looted around 1420 weapons from Police out of it 500 was recovered. HM Amit Shah on his visit had requested that weapons should be returned otherwise strict action will be taken.
More than 140 weapons was surrendered on Friday.
On Friday, state govt. released figures  in which it told that 98 peoples have last their lives and 310 were injured in the violence.

  • CBI registers ₹ 6524 crore loan fraud case against firm.

CBI has registerd case against ILEFS transportation Networks limited and its then directors for cheatin 19 banks worth ₹ 6,5,244 crore as on October 2019.

  • No Ukraine truce without Russian Pullback : Blinken

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday said that :

  • “A ceasefire that simply freezes current lines in place” and allows Russian President Vladmir Putin “to consolidate control over the territory it has ceased” is not Just and lasting peace.
  • It means Russia will have to leave all the occupied territory in Ukraine.
  • Russia must also pay a share of Ukranie’s reconstraction and be hold accountable for launching its full scole invasion on Ukraine.
  • He said that Washington was ready to support-peace efforts by China and Brazil. Blinken is on visit to Finland, which has recently Joined NATO.

On Friday Ukrainian, air defence system shot down 30 Russian cruise missiles and drones on Friday in Moscow’s sixth air attack in six day on Kyiv.

  • Ukraine war: China cites difficulties in holding talks

Chinese special envoy for Eurasian affairs, who recently visited Kyiv and Moscow Mr Li Hui told :

  • “There are currently many difficulties faced by various parties in sitting down and engaging in talks”. He added that those fighting the war are not “without points of consensus”
  • He blamed west for the conflict, which has supplied arms to Ukraine.
  • Pakistan to engage in barter trade with Afghanistan, Iran and Russia.

 S. averts first-ever default with 11th hour deal
On Thursday U.S. senators voted to suspend the federal debt limit. 5 June was last day , if the debt limit were not suspended them U.S govt. could have gone in defaulting on its borrowing.
“No one gets everything they want in a negotiation, but make no mistake : this bipartision agreement is a big win for our economy and the American People” Mr. Biden said in a statement in social media.
It took week long negotiation between Democracts and Republican to come together and Pan bill to avoid default. The default could have adverse effect on Us economy.
Editorial – 1
 India needs to harness the benefits of AI while avoiding adverse effects.

  • What the editorial is all about ?

The editorial is about Generation AI, the concerns it poses to the society and world. And what India should be doing to minimize negative effects generation AI.

  • What is generate AI ?

Generative Artificial intelligence (AI) is AI that can create new data, text, images, and code.
Open AI’s chat GPT is a chatbot that minics intelligence very well. These are trained on a large data set and can be used in finding new antibiiotics and alloys, and many panel tasks but its ability to Falsify data is alarming. Also such paltforms can be created by someone to launce his own propaganda.
At pioneers has drafted a single-sentence sand alarmist, sentence :-
“Mitigating the risk from AI should be a global priorty alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and Nuclear war.”
 Some guidelines that AI should practice

  • The instrutability of the inner working AI models, should be practiced.
  • Copyrighted data should be used.
  • Regard for human dignity and privacy.
  • Protection from falsifying information.

An AI models must tick these boxes.

  • What India need to do about it ?

Indian govt. should proactively launch and maintain an OPEN-SOURCE AI  risk profile, set up sandboxed R&D  environments to test potentially high risk AI models
India should promote the development of expaniable AI, define senaries of intervention, and keep a watchful eye.
Iraction is just not an option : about from the possibility of adverse consequences, it could render India missing the ‘harnessing AI ofr good bus.

  • The current revenue trajectory presents an opportunity to fix GST’s flaws.

What the editorials is all about  ?
GST figures for May has come. It has been recorded ₹ 1.57 lakh crore. The editorial analyses it, it says that it is a good sign. It also talks about reforms that need to be taken by GST council.

  • About GST collecting trend

On May GST collection was ₹ 1.57 lakh crore  11.5% higher than previous year May.
It was 16% lower than April.
In April GST collection was ₹1.87 lakh crore.
It was due to financial year and compliaces.
It was 15th consecutive month that GST was more than ₹ 1.4 lakh crore.
Editorial – 2
 As fuel rules, automobile sales is going to rebound besides compliance and “Consumption led fail winds can improve GST collection in coming months.

  • Way ahead to increase GST and reform.

In July GST will complete 6 years.
Department of Revenue willk conduct special drive to move away evasion and fake registration.
e-voicing will be made mandatory for firms with annual turnover over ₹ 5 crore.
Apart from there GST council must pass major reforms such as :

  • Setting up tribunal.
  • Clarifying Casino and gaming leyies.

 International trades has a Carbon problem
The article is about Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM),  a law passed by European Union.

  • About CBAM

European Union has internal mechanism to minimize Carbon emission known as Emission Trading System (ETS).
To control Carbon footprints on products imported by EU, CBAM has been brought.

  • EU countries will be levying additional tax on those products imported by EU, which has greater carbon footprint.

For example Consider two products  A and B imported by EU. If during Productin of A 100cc of carbon was released, while during production of B 10cc carbon was released. Then A will have to pay more tax.
According to EU will promote use of greener, production around globe.
The CBAM will be applicable from 2026.
India has protested such move it also has told to challenge it in World Trade Organisation (WTO).

  • CBAM is against WTO rules of Non-discrimination according to which a country has not to discriminate between home grown and imported products.
  • It also gives additional monetary advantage to EU.




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