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Indian envoy blocked near UK Gurudwara

India has told United Kingdom to provide additional security to Indian High Commissioner in UK .

In a incident on Saturday , Indian High commissioner Vivek Doraiswami , who is touring Scotland was stopped from entering a Gurudwara in Glasgow .He was invited by some senior community leaders to Gurudwara in an event but he was stopped to enter by two men . The organizers have regretted the incident .

September rainfall washes off India’s monsoon deficit

Despite the driest August in a century , India has dodged a drought this year . The reason being the Unexpectedly rainfall in  September .

As of September 30 , which is last day of Monsoon – India received 94% of expected rain from June to September .IMD had forecasted 96% .

Rainfall which reaches 96% to 104% of long term average is considered ‘normal ‘ .

The IMD on Saturday also forecasted normal ‘ North east ‘ monsoon from October to December

Mizzu wins Maldives Presidential run off poll

Former runner and Opposition candidate Mohammad Muizzu  was elected as Maldives president. on Saturday .

He beat his rival and current. President Mohammad Salih in a closely fought election.

Mizzu gained 54% vote while Mohd Salih secured 46% vote .The voter turnout was 86% .

Muizzu camapaifn featured ‘ India Out ‘ while Salih had ‘ India First ‘ policy .

It is expected that new govt will not favour India as much as Mohammad Salih govt used to do . I can favour China more than India , or can balance between India and China .

Oct 7 deadline to exchange ₹2000 notes

With only ₹14,000 lakh crore worth of ₹2000 notes still not having found their way to banks , RBI on Saturday issued a fresh advisory increasing deposit date till October 7 .

Banks will not accept ₹2000 notes from October 8 .

On May 19 , RBI had announced  30 September as last date to deposit ₹ 2000 notes to banking system . After 30 September it had to be defunct

Kazan meet makes no headway on equal rights in Afghanistan

India took part in nine nation  long ” Moscow format ” meeting , which included Taliban’s active foreign minister asn an invitee . The meeting was to take some important decision regarding Afghanistan .

Special envoys from Pakistan , China , Iran , Russia and Central Asian countries also took part .

The regional groupinf repeated its previous demand that the Taliban form a ” truly inclusive government ” and accord equal rights and freedoms to all Afghans , including women.

However it failed to make aby headway on the issue to extract any promise from Afghanistan representative on govt formation and or on restarting girl’s education .

‘ Kazan declaration ‘ issued at the end of meeting said ” ( the participants ) regretfully stated that there had been no progress forming a truly inclusive govt in Afghanistan , refle citing the interest of all ethno political groups of the country , ”

Currently no country recognises Taliban govt

 India shut down its embassy in Afghanistan in 2021 after Taliban takeover . It has established a ” technical mission ” in May 2022 . Few countries like UAE , Saudi Arabia , Turkiye and Qatar maintain their embassy there .

Argentina India sign social security agreement

India and Argentina signed ‘ Social Secirity Agreement  ( SSA ) . It aims at enniring social security of professional working in each other countries .The agreement will increase mobility of citizens in these two countries .

Army’s project Udbhav to rediscover ‘ Indic stage of statecraft ‘ from ancient text

Indian Army in collaboration with United Service Institute ( USI ) , a defence think tank has started an initiative named Project Udbhav to  rediscover the  ” profound Indic heritage of statecraft and strategic thought ” derived from ancient India texts of ” statecraft , Warcraft , diplomacy and grand strategy ” .

It will also develop ” indigenous strategic vocabulary ” .


Almost all ethnic Armenians flee from Nahrano Karabakh

Armenia of Saturday said that 1,00, 417 people out of a total 1,20,000 from Nagorno Karabakh region has fled away to Armenia . It has created huge refugee crisis in Armenia .

Armenia has accused Azerbaijan of ethnic cleansing .

United Nations has said that it will send a mission to Nagorno Karabakh this weekend to look into humanitarian needs .

Imran , ex Foreign Minister guilty in cioher case : FIA

Pakistan’s top investigation agency Federal Investigation Agency ( FIA ) , has declared former Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and ex Foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qurashi of guilty in case of alleged disclosure of state secrets .

Imran Khan was arrested lask month after a case was filed against him for allegedly violating the Official secrets act by disclosing secrer diplomat cable ( cipher ) sent by embassy in Washington last year in March .

On Saturday FIA filed the chargesheet in court to start the trial .

McCarthy mulling a 45 – day plan to avoid US govt shutdown

UK govt to ‘ support drivers ‘ by pushing back ‘ anti car measures’ .

Britain’s conservative govt on Friday announced a new plan to ” support drivers ” and push back ” anti car measures’ ” .

Opposition demand is to impose restriction on motor vehicles in name of environment protection .

The document released by PM Rishi Sunak has following major points

     It plans to review 20 miles per hour speed limit . ” And prevent their blanket use of areas which is not appropriate .


     The document also talks about ” 15 minutes cities ” an urban planning concept that advocates putting essential services within walking and biking distance of residents to reduce pollution .

China’s economy stabilises , factory activity rebounds

China’s September manufacturing PMI rose to 50.2 , suggesting that economy is recovering .

Non Manufacturing PMI which include services , and construction also rose to 51.7 from 51 .

Indistrial Profit has jumbed by a surprise 17.2 % in August .

Polocakers , however continue to grapple with property sector debt crisis .

China’s economy was seeing regular slump after CoVID 19 In 2022 .


Purchasing Manager Index (PMI ) – It is a economic indicator derived from monthly survey of private sector companies . It measures month over month change in economic activities .

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