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Congress seeks JPC probe in Adani

About OCCRP Report

OCCRP – Organised Crime nas Corruption Reporting Project is a investigative Journalist forum , among its funders is Opens Socirty Foundation by George Soros .

OCCRP has alleged fresh charges on Adani group . OCCRP alleged that millions of dollars were invested in Publicly traded Adani Group stocks through Mauritius based stocks through ” Mauritius based “opaque ” investment funds managed by partners of the promoters firm .

The Adani group dismissed charges as ” recycled allegations ” saying the ” reports appear to be a concerted bid by Soros funded interest supported by a section of foreign media to revive the meritless Hindenburg report ” .

Congress attack :

Rahul Gandhi told in a press conference as ” biggest attack on independent India ” .Underlying report of Financial Times and The guardian which called Adani Group as close to PM Modi , Mr. Gandhi told that it is very important for PM to clear his name .

Congress seeks JPC probe . Mr. Gandhi and Congress also demanded JPC probe in this .

 Adani shares fall on allegations investors had ties to Promoters

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zones  went through 3.4% loss , Adani Enterprises lost close to 3.8% , Adani Power lost to 2.2%, Adani green energy slid 4.4%. on Thursday ..

Statehood of Jand K may take time ; polls can be held : govt

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said in court that the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir ( J&K ) was a * temporary phenomenon ” complete statehood may take some time as the states had faced repeated and consistent disturbances for decades together , ” he submitted .

” I am unable to give the exact time period right now for statehood … I assure you we are progressively processing to make Jammu and Kashmir complete state ”  , Mr. Mehta submitted .

Mr Mehta said J&K has seen “enormous changes ” post abrogation of Article 370 in 2019 . Terrorism , infiltrations , stone throwing , and casualtities among security personnel had reduced . There were 1767 incidents of secessionist spurred stone throwing in 2018 , ” Now it is nil …. In 2018 there were 52 instances of Organised Bandh Now it  is Nil …”

Chinese President Xi yet to confirm presence in G20 summit in Delhi

China has not confirmed participation of Xi Jinping in G20 . There is speculation that Chinese Premier Li Quinag will replace him in summit .

UK , France, Germany , Italy , Japan , Brazil , Indonesia , US all have confirmed participation of their head of states .

Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman is likely to be given a special welcome as a state guest , and he will stay for bilateral visit on 11 September .

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Mexican President Andres Manual Lopez has already told that they will not participate . Russian foreign minister and Mexican Economy Economy minister will participate instead .

If Xi doesn’t participate it will not be good for India China ties , which is in not a good shape .

Soecial session Parliament from sept 18 to 22 , agenda under wraps .

Govt on Thursday announced a special session of Parliament from 18 September to 22 September .Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi told that amid Amrit Kaal the govt is looking to fruitful discussion and debate in Parlaiment .

Govt has not revealed the agenda of the session sources said that it could be related to G20 summit . Some say the session will e held in New Parliament building inaugurated in May .There is also speculation that special long pending bills like reservation of women in Parliament and Assemblies can be brought .

The opposition said that the sudden decison was meant to to divert attention from Adani Issue and I.N.D.I.A. meeting.

 INDIA parties likely to have common social media team

INDIA parties meeting is going in Mumbai .INDIA is likely to set up a joint social media team manpower from each party . The social media team from all members of coalition are likely to set up a joint social media team drawing manpower from. each party .

Even without a common social media platform lead parties are coordinating on all issues .

INDIA parties are trying to put seat sharing  away for now , for avoiding confrontation .

Joint campaign , joint action schedule for public rallies will be other  issues they are looking at .

During India Meeting Mr. arvind Kejriwal and Nitish Kumar told that govt is intended to announce early election for both center and state and seat sharing formula should be done earliest by September 30 .

 Ravi Kannan wins 2023 Ramon Nagsaysay Award .

Ravi Kannan is based on Assam

Ramon Magsaysay Award is given by Phillipines govt .

Chandrayaan prove finds spase plasma on moon

India sees the lowest August rainfall in century

Rainfall in August has been lowest in over a century , with India getting 36 % less rainfall than it usually does in August . Meteorological department of India said .

Of the four monsoon month June ,July , August , September  generally July had highest rainfall followed by August .

Monsoon rainfall in September , the last of the four monsoon months , is likely to be within a 10% window of the 16.7 CM that is usual for the month .

Economy grows 7.8% , fastest in forum quarters

As per estimates released by National Statistical Office  (NSO ) , the GDP growth recorded in the April June quarter 24 was highest in the past four quarters .

Five more killed in Manipur , Police says situation tense but under control

Fight between the two groups erupted on the borders of Churachandpur and Bishnupur that resulted in five deaths ..

” Security forces deployed in the area responded and subsequently firing has been subsided .” the police statement  said .

J&K police start drive to trace 734 absconders for their involvement in militancy .

J&K police have started a major exercise to identify and trace 734 absconders for their involvement in militancy .

The police said that  these terrorists had managed to escape clutches of law for decades ” by going underground and remaining untraced ” Then they resurfaced to enjoy normal family life at their native place .Some of these ha e managed to get govt jobs and contracts , other engaged in private businesses and even working in courts ” .police said .

734 absconders have identified in J&k .


Over 70 killed in a fire at illegal housing blocks in South Africa

More than 70 people including Children died when fire engulfed a five storey building in Central Johannesburg .

Cities authorities told that the building in a crime ridden area had been turned into illegal housing after being abandoned .

This is worst fire in recent times that engulfed so many lives .

” This is a great tragedy , felt by some whose loved ones perished in tragedy ” President Curill Ramphosa told .

 After India , Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia Protest China’s map

The Philippines , Malaysia and Indonesia released separate statements that voicing their opposition to China’s new ” standard map ” for 2023 .

The Phillipines foreign ministry said it “rejects ” the 2023 version of ” standard map ” and including of do called nine dash line * .

The Malaysia. Govt also protested the map saying it ” rejects” the ” map ” which shows “unilateral claims to Malaysia’s maritime territory “including parts of Malaysian Exclusive Economic Zone ( EEZ) .

Indonesia was third country in this regard it said ” drawing of territorial lines , including in the 2023 version of standard map of China , must be in accordance of UN convention on law of seas ( UNCLOS) ”

None dash line is line by China around which it claims all sea territory . It claims almost whole South China sea through nine dash line .

UNCLOS defines counties that countries exclusive economic zone will include 200 nautical miles from the coast . Away from 200 nautical miles I’d international waters which can be used by any country .

UNCLOS sea zones

None dash line – China claim in South China sea

Pakistan’s election commission to hold election by February

Pakistan’s election commission has assured political parties that general election will be held by January end or mid fabruary

Election Commission of Pakistan gave assurance to  the Awami National Party ( ANP) .

On August 9 , Pakistan Assembly was dissolved and The elections in the country should be held within 90 days of stipulated time after the dissolution of assembly .But because of census and redrawing new boundary for the constituencies it has been waited .

GRANT Shapes replaces Ben Wallace as defence secretary of the UK.

Trump pleads no guilty in poll subversion case


General who toppled Bongo to be sworn in as President in Gabon

General Brice Oligui Nguema who overthrow the Bongo govt will be sworn in as Gabon’s new President .

Liberville is capital of Gabon

Editorial Mapping ties

China must show its neighbours the sensitivity it demands of them

Editorial discussed newly released map by China in which Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh was shown part of China . The protest by India and Response by China It talks.

 What did the newly released map by China  show ?

Just a week after meeting of Xi Jinping the China ‘s Prest and Indian PM Narendra Modi on the sidelines of BRICS , China on August 28 released a new map .the map showed Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh , and whole South China sea as part of China . Chana call Ed it ” standard map ” and when asked about India’ protest  foreing minsitry called it a ” routine ” process and India need not “over interpret ” .

What can be interpreted

China’s President Xi Jinping may not participate in G20 this is a clear sign . Foreign. Ministry of China though didn’t confirm but didn’t denied either .

China need to do well to understand it’s neginours sensitivity before  doing such things .


” Standard map ” of China which

Shows Arunachal and Aksai Chin as part of China

 Neighbour , rivals

The Asia Cup remains hostage to India – Pakistan relations


Editorial talks about Asia Cup Cricket tournament which started on 30 September and is being hosted by Pakistan and Srilanka combinedly .

About India’s reservation not to visit Pakistan

Asia Cup 2023 was originally scheduled to be hosted by Pakistan only but because of India’s reservation not to visit Pakistan, the tournament was spread between Pakistan and Srilanka . Last time any Indian team traveled Pakistan was in 2008 .

 About the tournament

India , Pakistan ,Srilanka , Afghanistan , Bangladesh and Nepal are six teams to participate . Though Srilanka , Pakistan and India may seem bit better but all teams are good . India is bringing its main players like KL Rahul , Shreyas Aiyar , Jaspreet Bumrah as World Cup is very near , it will be interesting  to watch the performance before world cup .


Phillipines and Thailand have also protested against the map .

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