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THE HINDU 31-07-2023 National
After high drama, Biren drops his resignation plan.
Beleagured Manipur CM M. Biren Singh was stopped by his supporters from resigning
on Friday, amid ligh drama in Imphal.
CM M. Biren Singh was scheduled to meet even Governor, but crowd of supporters
gathering outside his house asked him not to resign. He later withdrew his resignation
he decided it in order to honor the entailments of the people and civil society
Mr. Singh is believed to have made up his mind to quit after abuses were hurled at him
during a protest in Imphal on Thursday night
Twitter’s plan on centre’s block order dismissed.
The high court of Karnataka dismissed a petition filed by Twitter, challenging several
blocking order issued by the Union Ministry of electronic and Information technology
on the ground that it is “devoid of merits”
Justice Krishna S. Dixit also imposed a cost 50 lakh on Twitter citing its conduct on
approaching the court without complying with central govt’s orders. The centre has
directed the micro blogging site to block 1,474 accounts, 175 tweets, 256 URLs, and one
hast hag Twitter reached court pertaining to 39 of there URLs.
Centre to issue norms against “dark patterns” in online advertisements.
Union consumer affairs ministry has urged consumers to flag misleading
advertisements, creating false urgency, subscription traps and nagging on online
Secretory of ministry of consumer affairs urged consumers to flag such manipulative
practices on national consumer helpline (NCH) by calling 1915 as through a whatsapp
message to 8800001915. He asked online interface to be away from adopting “dark
Tactics such as false urgency which creator as sense of scarcity to pressure consumers,
into making the purchases or taking an action and asked sneaking the additional
products or to the cart without user connect, are used widely to lure customers.
Subscription traps, the tactic that makes it easy for consumer to sign up for a service
but difficult for them to cancel, it and hiding additional costs particularly by travel and
tourism websites, have also come under ministry radar.
As EI Nino is yet to strengthen IMD force costs ‘normal’ rainfall during July.
The India meteorological department (IMD) on Friday forecast “normal” rainfall in July,
which usually revives the highest amount of rain.
Cyclone effect
Stalin ‘disregards’ letter, asserts Governor has no power to sack a minister
T.N. CM M.K . Stalin wrote to Governor R.N. Ravi informing him thut his
“unconstitutional communication” dismissing arrested minister V. Senthil balaji”
without my advice is void ab intio and non est in law and hence has been dis regarded”
Earlier Mr. Ravi’s communication “dismissing” Mr. Senthilbalaji and later keeping it in
“abeyance” drew huge uproar.
CM stalin also said “ we have always been pleasant, courteous and respectful towards
you in line with our Tamil culture. However, that does not mean we have to abide by
unconstitutional directives issued by you”
Tight security greets pilgrims in Kasmir for Amarnath yatra.
Multiple rings of security have been thrown around the Amarnath Shrine in Kasmir as
3,488 pilgrims arrived in the valley on Friday
In talk with Putin, Modi calls for ‘dialogue and diplomacy’ to end war in
Days after Wagner muting, PM Modi called PM Modi called Russian President Putin.
They discussed “Wagner Muting”. Russia PM informed about Wagner muting. PM Modi
supported Russian president move over that.
PM Modi abd president Putin also discussed about upcoming SCO and G-20 meetings.
Macron arges’ parents to keep teems at home as government Combats
France’s interior minister has issued instruction for the complete shutdown of tram, and
public has services before sunset every where in France.
A ban on sale and purchase of powerful fire works which rioters are using against police
and public building has also put in place.
France president Emanuel Macron urged parents to keep their Children’s at home and
proposed restriction on social media. So far 875 people have been arrested.
Massine protest, burning of vehicles etc erupted in France after a transport police
Pakistan gets a lifeline from IMF with a new 3 billion bailout to help avoid
International Monetary Ford (IMF) has agreed to provide 3 billion to Pakistan in a badly
needed relief package, to help bailout country’s ailing condition.
The announcement followed talks this week between Pakistani PM shahbaz sharif and
Kristina Georgiana, the Managing director of IMF.
Nathan porter, the IMF’s mission chief to Islamabad, said Pakistan’s economy has faced
several heavy blows to economy, such as devastating floods-last summer that killed
1,739 people and caused 30 billion damage and impacted millions. The country was also
hit by an international community price hike due to Ukraine war, Nathan porter said.
Acute condition
Despite reducing import and trying to minimize trade deficit, Reserves has declined to a
very low level.
Johnson ally quits U.K. government, slams sunak. British environment
Minster zao Goldsmih said he was qutting the govt.
because PM Rishi Sunak has “uninterested” in the environment he was close to Boris
17 year old North-African boy in violation of same traffic rules. The protest has
color of ethnic discrimination by police.
The police that fired is being traded in court.
Court bars Bol sonar from office for 8 years
A federal electoral court (TSE) on Friday voted to bar former president of Brazil jail Bol
sanaro from public office for 8 years.
This was due to his conduct during elections in 2022.
Mr. Bol sanaro is convicted of abuse of power and misure of media during last year’s
election. He summoned ambassadors for his confounded claims about Brazil’s
electronic voting system.
Mr. Bol sanaro is accused of crating nationwide movement to overturn the electing
result, it culminated in invasion of govt. buildings in Brasilia by his supporters.
Mr. Bol sanaro denied any wrong doing and told that he will more to supreme court.
Russian hockey player held in Poland for “spying”
SC rejects Biden’s plan to wipe away 400 billion in student 100 m debt.
About dismissal of senthil balaji by governor
In an action without precedent, T.N. governor R.N. Ravi wrote letter to T.N. CM M.K.
stalin that he had dismissed senthilbalaji a minister without portfolio.
Within hours, after advice of union home minister that he should consult altarney
general of India (AGI) over this, he wrote to CM that he was holding the order in
abeqance and was instead seeking AGI opinion.
Mr. Ravi had invoked Article 153, 163, and 164 of the constitution, which deal with the
executive power of the state being vested in the Governor, his acting on the cabinet’s
aid and advice and the appointment of CM and other ministers.
The Governor’s decision was childish and looked like he had no understanding of law.
There is however no doubt that charges against senthil balaji is of serious nature. Money
coudering and coreption charges are from the time of Jayalalitha govt he being in office
tried to influence the evidences has come to light CM Stalin should have removed him
rather than shielding his office”
By the way only CM and cabinet has power to remove a minister from his office A
Governor is just there to give his assent on CM’s decision in such cares.
Senthil balaji is in hospital undergoing treatment and in Judical custudy of ED at same
time changed of taking bride for recruitment in state transport dept. while he was
transport minister during AIADMK Govt.
Tamil Nadu governor has acted without forethought in sacking a minister.
What the editorial is all about?
T.N. governor R.N. Ravi recently unilaterally removed santhil balaji, a state minister
without portfolio facing enforcement Directorate (ED) charges. This unilateral decision
was a constitutional misadventure. How this unfolded is talked in this.
What the editorial is all about?
Recently T.S. signhdeo has been elevated as deputy chief Minister of Chhattisgarh. The
elevation has strengthened congress in chhatisgarh according to editorial.
All hands on deck
T.S Songhdes’s elevation in Chhattisgarh expands the congress’s reach.
About political situation in Chhattisgarh.
Chhattisgarh saw Dr. Raman Singh as chief minister for 15 years after congress to power
2018 Assembly elections
Congress won 60 out of 90 seats.
CM Bhupesh Baghel was instrumental in Chhattisgarh win Even after being Cm, he
launched a number of social welfare schemes that has benefitted state hugely.
These strengthened Bhupesh Baghel’s position as CM of state hugely.
Congress dilemma
Balancing the rise of Bhupesh Baghel and other party persons in Chhattisgarh who were
performing well was important under late Ajit jogi party alienated other party leaders
which was a major reason for its downfall earlier.
Congress elevating T.S. singhdeo as deputy CM is in right direction in balancing state
politics and giving chance to those doing good as wells.

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