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:Give us complete breakdown to 6000 FIRs : SC to Manipur govt

SC on Monday asked govt to give it complete list of 6000 FIRs filed in Manipur violence starting 3 may . 

                  The court slammed govt and asked what it was doing between may 4 and may 14 , as it took police to register even a ” zero FIR”  in the case after 10 days . He asked that there are incidents of violence which are in public domain and media knows about it . But it is not in govts arena , he asked govt what it was doing .

                    There has been cases like in Thoubal where police itself has handed over victims to the mob . CJI Chandrachud questioned this to state and central govt over these .

                     The court told to constitute its own investigation team to inquire the cases of Thoubal .


‘ No excuse for violence against Manipur women ‘

The. SC on Monday said that crime against woman in Manipur can not be excused that crime against woman happen in other parts of country too . petitioners claim was that like the crime against women in Manipur , similar incidences appeared from West Bengal , Rajasthan , Kerala and Chhatisgarh .

SC asked the petitioner what do they want is it that SC has either to take action in all cases or no one .On which petitioner answered negative .                  CJI DY Chandrachud told that though there are crimes occuring against women but what is seen in Manipur is of Unprecedented magnitude .

 At 8.2 % growth rate India’s core sector growth rate touches 5 month high .

 ED attaches ₹ 6 crore assets of Lalu and family in land for job scam case.

2 home guard among three killed in clashes in Haryana ‘s Nuh .

  El Nino affact will suppress rain in Second half of the monsoon , says IMD

According to INdian Meteorological Department (IMD) August is going to see ” below normal ” rainfall . Strengthening El Nino and absence of Meteorological condition ,that could suppress El Nino will cause suppression in rainfall .

                   ” The rainfall averaged over the country as a whole during second half of the monsoon season [August – September] is most likely to be normal [94-106% of the long period average [LPA]], with a tendency to be on negative side of the normal… The rainfall averaged over the country as a whole during August, 2023 is very likely to be below normal [<94% of LPA],” the IMD noted.

                      Earlier about july IMD had predicted rain to be at most 6% above normal , but it resulted to be 13% more rain .

 Probe into Cheetah death point to natutal causes : Center

The environmental ministry and National Tiger Conservation Authority ( NTCA) on Monday informed Suprem Court that a provisional diagnosis of the death of eight Cheetahs at Kuna National Park ‘points towards natural causes ” .

                  The govt said that the big cats have low survival rates , 50 %,even in adults .In an introduced population , cubs have about 10%survival .

               Earlier on July 20 ,SC had reameked that death of 40%of Cheetah do not represent a good picture .

              Accrding to Cheetah action plan govt and NTCA need to introduce 12-14 Cheetahs annually from African countries for the next five years .

 Foxconn signs deal with T.N. to build plant in Kancheepuram

Taiwanese firm Foxconn Technology Group a key supplier to apple inc. on Monday gave a commitment to the Tamil Nadu govt .to invest ₹1600 crore to establish a. Manufacturing facility in Kancheepuram .

A MoU was also signed between IIT M , T.N govt and Foxconn ,through which Foxconn will support research and development at IIT Madras on behalf of T.N govt .

ISRO successfully puts Chandrayaan 3 in translunar orbit

ISRO has successfully put Chandrayaan 3 in Tanslunar orbit .It means Chandrayaan 3 has completed its elliptical orbits around earth and is moving to come under Lunar orbit . It will enter lunar orbit on 5 August , here it will complete 4 maeuovres before coming at a orbit at height 100 km . On 17 th August lander Module ( LM ) and Propulsion Module (PM ) is going to get seaprated . The lander is expected to touch down moon surface on 23rd August .


Two men set fire to Koran during protest outside Swedis Parliament

Two men Salwan Momika and Salwan Najemsy the Koran alight outside parliament in Stockholm on Monday . They had got police permission for it . The duo had staged a similar protest outside Iraq assembly in Stockholm in July 20. Their demand is to ban Koran .

                     Koran burning incidents has created tension between Sweeden and middle eastern countries . Turkish President Erdogan whose support Sweeden needs for NATO candidacy , expressed deep anger at the Koran burning incident .

As part of second phase of CPEC ,Pakistan , China ink six agreements .

China vice premier Li Hefang and Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif signed 6 MoUs. On completion of 10 years of CPEC ( China Pak Economic Corridor ) .

                    An MoU on establishing an export exchange mechanism within CPEC ; a protocol for phytosanitary requirement for export of dry chillies from Pakistan to China and a document in final report on feasibility study realignment for KKH phase 2 .

Toll rises to 54 pm n suicide blast at Political convention in Pakistan .

Islamic State Khorasan ( IS-K ) has taken the responsibility of the suicide attack . On Sunday a suicide attacker detonated a rally by JUI-F , a coalition partner of current govt , in Khar about 45 km from Afghanistan border .

Myanmar Junta extends state of emergency for six months signals poll delay .

Myanmar’s  Junta announced a six month extension to the state of emergency ,signalling a delay of elections they had pledged to hold by August .

                     In 2021 , millitary in Myanmar toplloled the then Aung San sui kyi led govt . Several have been killed in violence between pro democrats and military .

Concerned by military use , China restricts drone exports

China imposed restrictions on Monday on exports of long-range civilian drones, citing Russia’s war in Ukraine and concern that drones might be converted to military use.

                Chinese govt is friendly with Moscow but says it is neutral in Russia Ukraine war and it doesn’t supply any armaments to Russia .Reports had come that botht sides might be using Chinese made drones in coming war .

France is plotting to ‘ intervene militarily ‘ to reinstate president Bouzam , says Niger Junta .

Niger’s new Junta on Monday seeking to “intervene militarily ” to reinstate deposed president Mohammad Bazoum as tensio. mounted with the former colonial power and neighbours . Several ministers of the govt has been arrested by military Junta .

                    In Sunday French President Emanual Macron vowed ” immediate and uncompromising ” action if French interest and people were attacked after thousands rallied by the French embassy in Sunday .

Russian missile strike kills at least 6 in Zelenskyy’s hometown .

Renewed clashes in Labnon palestinian camps kill 11 persons.

First nuclear reactor in seven years enters service in US’s Georgia .

  Chip tactic

The pitch to draw in semiconductor players must go beyond incentives

About the editorial:

In recently held ” Semicon India 2023″ , PM Modi announced several important tax cuts and PLI schemes to attract semiconductor manufacturers but it still needed much more apart from PLI to give the push a reality .

About Semicon India :

Held 2nd time in Gandhinagar PM Modi announced corporate tax cuts , SoPs for all new manufacturing projects . He told that govt incentives offered to tech firms have been scaled up to 50 percent of financial assistance .

Some set back to Indian Semiconductor manufacturing :

Before PM Modi visit to US ,decks were cleared for 2.75 dollar testing , marking and packaging facility by Microbe technologies in India but the deal nudged to 800 million dollar supply chain facility .

A 20 billion dollar semiconductor manufacturing by Vedanta Foxconn announced in 2022 , came to an end as Foxconn pulled out of it .

Global factors in Chip manufacturing unit in India :

Currently China , US is hub of sen conductor manufacturing . But countries trying to derisk from China , companies are looking destination other that China to expand their manufacturing capacity . US and European Union too are trying hard that semiconductor manufacturers do not go away from their countries . SINCE 2021 US has got a commitment of 200 billion dollar of investment , while Intel will be investing  about 80 billion dollars in EU countries .

 What India need to do :

 Apart from incentives  , companies look into policy framework , countries linkage through bilateral and multilateral trade etc . India need to focus on these areas as well if it wants to become a hub for chip manufacturing .

Semiconductor chips – Semiconductor is heart of electronic industry . It is used in making diodes , transistors , memory , processors etc . Which is further used in electronic manufacturing such as mobile phones , TV , Computer etc . Chips are used in most of the modern appliances such as cars , trains , aeroplanes , etc etc .

Some Chip manufacturing companies are :

Intel , TSMC , Foxconn , Micron Technologies  etc

Over the Borderline

Pakistan should stop differentiating between terrorist as good and bad

About the editorial :

The editorial is about recent bomb blast in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunwa province in which around 54 died and 200 got injured .

The attack was done by Islamic State – Khorasan . The editorial talks that how Pakistan used to support these groups which now are destroying itself .

About the recent sucide attack :

The attack was on a rally of Jamait Ulema e Islam Fazl (JUI-F) , a party that is supporting current govt in parliament . The provincial police said that Islamic State – Khorasan was behind the attack . The attack has killed more than 54 persons and injured more than200 .

Since withdrawal of American Forces  from Afghanistan the attack in the border areas of Pakistan with Afghanistan has increased a lot .

Pakistani supporting  terrorist :

Pakistan has been supporting and training  terrorist against earlier Soviet Union that played a major role in formation of Taliban . After 9/11 attack Pakistan played a dual role , supporting America against terrorist on one side and giving supporting Taliban on other side .Radicalising youths in border areas played a huge role in this . Now same radicalised clan is targetting Pakistan . They want  Sharia to be imposed in Pakistan .

For permanent peace , Pakistan should stop differentiating between good terrorist and bad terrorist

Akira Ransomware : why has govt issued a warning against it ?

The CERT team of India has issued warning against a new Ransomware named “Akira”.

                            Ransomware – It is a type of virus which steals computer data and demands ransom to return it .

                         Akira attacks both Windows and Linux systems .It steals data encrypts it and changed file name to “.akira” extension . The group has extensively targeted organization in US .

                          Keeping back up of important files , having strong password and not falling to phishing can be some tips to avoid it .

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