Mehul Choksi : Recent Developments

Mehul Choksi is an Indian born businessman who owns Gitanjali group, a Jewellery company. He became famous due to his alleged involvement in a Rs.13000 crore financial fraud case in Punjab National Bank and other cases.

Born in 1959 in Bombay, India and son of Chinubhai Choksi, Mehul has background of family business. However his brother Chetan Choksi and son of his sister Nirav Modi are also allegedly involved in various financial fraud cases in the USA and India.

Anticipating legal action in India, he adopted citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda in 2018 due to which he ceased to be an Indian citizen as per provision of section a of the  Indian citizenship Act, 1955.

On the other hand , in India an arrest warrant has been issued an Interpol has also issued a Red notice against Mehul.

It is evident that he fled India and acquired citizenship of Antigua and Babuda to escape legal action in India

Recent issue

Mehul Choksi escaped even from Antigua and Barbuda on 23rd May, 2021. Howevei, he was found in another nearby carribean country Republic Dominica on 26th may 2021. According to reports, he was trying to flee to Cuba by a boat. Now he is in custody of Dominica police. However, the legal team of Choksi has different version of the incident based on kidnapping


The case is under judicial process in the court of dominica, because, India does not have an extradition treaty with this nation, so the everything depends on the final order of the court. However, India has sent a team of 8 officials comprising from the CBI and MEA.

On 2nd June 2021 his case was heared in the court of Dominica. The hearing will continue on 3rd June.

The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Mr. Gaston Browne is in favour of handing over Mehul to India


Antiqua and Barbuda

Situated between the Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea, it is an independent commonwealth Island  country with an area of 440 km2 and population of around 97000. Its capital is St. John’s

Mehul Choksi acquired citizenship of this nation through its “citizenship by investment Programme” to escape Indian legal action.

Dominican Republic

an ex-colony of Spain, Sovereign Country situated in Caribbean region with area of 48,671 km2 and have a population of approx. 1 crore. Its capital is santo Domingo.

Mehul Choksi has been recovered from this nation after he allegedly fled from Antigua and Barbuda in his effect to reach Cuba.

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